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$120,000 Jury Verdict Against Driver That Ran a Red Light

A lawyer now with the Clark Law Firm received a $120,000 jury verdict in his second jury trial as a young attorney.  It was an auto accident case.  State Farm was the insurance company for the defendant driver that ran a red light.   State Farm claimed the client was a fraud who was faking her injuries.  They hired a big Bergen County, N.J. law firm to represent them. They only offered $30,000 to settle which was refused.  Clark Law Firm attorneys are not afraid to bring their cases to trial.  They have a reputation of not settling out for cheap.  They stand up for their clients.  The attorney received a $120,000 jury verdict, which was considered a win, especially in light of the low ball offer by State Farm.

The best car accident lawyers in New Jersey are ones that have a track record of success in court and taking actual verdicts from juries.  If you are looking for “an experienced car accident lawyer near me” contact out offices without delay.  The sooner you contact a lawyer for pain and suffering from a car accident, the better.

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