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Personal Injury Lawyer Testimonials

What the Clients of  Clark Law Firm P.C. Are Saying…

The Clark Law Firm staff’s words and actions provided our family with a complete sense of confidence. They worked diligently on the case with our best interests at the forefront. Mark Morris was a pleasure to work with and was very thorough, “leaving no stones unturned” throughout the process. I highly recommend the firm.

Adam V. – Verified Google Review


I was referred to Clark Law Firm by one of my dearest friends who is also a lawyer. He informed me there is no other law firm but Clark Law that would do an exceptional job on pursuing my accidental injury. The attorneys met with me within a few days and upon listening to my brief testimony, accepted my case. The paralegal and the initial attorney put me completely at peace about the fight that I was about to enter into. Shortly after signing on the dotted line, the firm zeroed in on my issue and designated Stephanie to me. Immediately I felt secure with the decision after speaking with her.

I had never been tangled up in any sort of litigation, claim, or legal stuff,  but Stephanie held my hand, kept me constantly updated and interestingly educated me to the process and procedure.  

Once all the little & big elements fell into place and we had a scheduled mediation, Stephanie put her gloves on and kept me informed. At the beginning of the process, I could not believe the nickels and dimes the defendant’s attorneys were throwing our way. It bothered me, it was like witnessing a boxing round, but Stephanie kept pounding for me. In the long run after our final get-go, she called me up and told me the amount that I was awarded. I was completely astonished when she came to the table with an amount that was twice as much as when we started out.

Clark Law Firm’s team, from the office manager to the paralegal to their entire group of attorneys, has proven to be an integrity-driven professional office that leaves no stone unturned.

I highly recommend Clark Law Firm for any injury. Thank you very much for conducting an excellent job.

David K. – Verified Google Review


It has truly been an incredible experience working with Mr. Mark Morris and the Clark Law Firm. They have been extremely professional, diligent, and committed. Despite any challenges that appeared along the road, they remained persistent for years and worked tirelessly. The team displayed the highest degrees of professionalism, fairness, ethics, and communication. 

They have been very timely with updates and always responsive and friendly. It is an honor to have entrusted them with my case, and to have known them all as truly great individuals. 

I thank Mr. Morris and the entire Clark Law Firm for their skill and success in winning a case that presented several complications. I gave them my highest salute for not only winning the case, but doing so fairly, ethically, professionally, and rationally.

Osama S. – Verified Google Review


“I HIGHLY recommend the Clark Law Firm to anyone. They are an incredible group that did an outstanding job to make sure I got the highest settlement for my case. Attorney Clark and his staff are all outstanding professionals with some serious case law knowledge and skill. His group went the extra mile for me and because of that, my life has forever changed. Thank you, Attorney Clark and everyone that’s a part of his firm that worked so hard. I really appreciate you as does my family!”

Meg M. – Verified Google Review


“My adult son suffered a broken neck while attending a concert in Asbury Park, New Jersey. I live in California and quickly realized that I needed to find a Personal Injury Attorney near Asbury Park to handle the case and achieve a fair and equitable outcome.

Searching the internet, I found so many PI Attorney listing that I wondered how I could be sure I would select the right person for the task. I was scheduled to fly out the next day and certainly didn’t want to spend my time interviewing attorneys. To narrow my search, I decide to select not just a attorney, but a Law Firm specializing in personal injury who’s entire team had the experience and long-term established reputation to deal with a case that would take at least 3 years to settle.

After reading several bios and reviews I settled on the Clark Law Firm whose size and number of offices indicated that these folks had the qualities I was looking for to represent my son. I filled in the request for contact form giving them a few details of the situation and requesting a quick call back as I had an early flight out the following day.

At 5 AM I got a call from Mark Morris, and after a short conversation, I was sure I had contacted the right firm to handle the case. Mark assured me he would be at my son’s bedside within the hour to begin gathering the details. Now, I could fly out and concentrate on my son’s condition, knowing that Mark, and the Clark Law Firm, was on the job and getting the facts. It did take a little over 3 years but Mark Morris and the Clark Law Firm eventually won a settlement of $2 million!

Thankfully my son has managed a partial recovery and while not completely the same person that he was, is now able to walk and talk. During the 3 years it took to reach a settlement, I have to say that Mark kept us totally informed of the progress of the case without being too intrusive. He was honest and straightforward with his insights.

More importantly, he minimized the in-person contacts for my son which would require costly and uncomfortable trips to return to Asbury Park. In closing, I highly recommend the Clark Law Firm should you require representation for any personal injury issues!”

George K. – Verified Google Review


“The team at Clark Law Firm is absolutely amazing. Every person working there was professional, warm, helpful, patient, and made me feel comfortable and important. Mark in particular went above and beyond by not only being a dynamite attorney, but also a very thoughtful counselor listening to my anxieties and offering words of advice and comfort. He fought hard on my behalf even when I was overwhelmed and ready to give up. I could not have had a better experience. A special thanks also to Flavia, James, and Kelly for being so responsive and taking the time to explain when I had questions (which there were a lot of). I am grateful for their hard work to make a traumatic and daunting experience less of a burden on me and to achieve a greater outcome than I could have ever imagined. I can’t thank this team enough.”

Eva R. – Verified Google Review


This is a “class act” law firm and Stephanie Tolnai was on the mark with every aspect of the case. She was empathetic, competent, professional and a gem of a communicator. We felt we were in great hands and never felt intimidated by all the legal jargon – instead we actually felt like “family”. There was no “lip service” telling us what we’d like to hear, she knows the laws and guided us with the utmost support. Without hesitancy I would secure this law firm; we found everyone we dealt with caring and professional. Best of all we feel the settlement went above and beyond the expectation. Clark Law Firm is hands down the best in the industry!

E. Ross – verified Google review


My son who was underage at the time was in a accident and was injured. I had the pleasure of working with Attorney Stephanie Tolnai. I can say after going through my own accident case with another Lawyer, Stephanie at Clark Law Firm is top notch. She was attentive and professional but also personal and cared about my son and his injuries. All emails were answered promptly and all calls and messages were answered. All questions and concerns were addressed also with such professionalism. Even during this Covid 19 Virus this law firm and Stephanie continued to work on my case and found new ways of sending and signing documents. I am so very happy with this law firm and with Stephanie Tolnai. I would recommend them and I would hire her again in a heartbeat. I wished I had hired her for my own case. My son thanks you and I thank you.

L. Bjork – verified Google review


 I decided to hire an attorney, which, like most people, was something I had never had to do before. Clark Law made it a seamless and painless process, I paid a very reasonable fee, they reviewed the police reports and my narrative of events etc. and then informed me of what they planned to do. Their professionalism was reassuring, and I got the feeling the issue was in safe hands…

Needless to say, I am incredibly grateful to Mark (Morris) and his firm for delivering in the way they did. I would highly recommend them, naturally, you never want to be in a situation here you need to hire an attorney but if you do, at least make sure you have a good one!

Gavin M. – verified Google Review


I had a lot of faith in the Clark Law Firm; I was very comfortable. I let Clark Law Firm and do everything they needed to get my case settled. I didn’t even have to go to court. I didn’t have to go back and forth; just a few phone calls and visits to the office. I am happy with the settlement. No amount of money can replace certain things, but the Clark Law Firm did their best to make me whole again.

Eileen Y.


My son who was under age at the time was in a accident and was injured. I had the pleasure of working with Attorney Stephanie Tolnai. I can say after going through my own accident case with another Lawyer, Stephanie at Clark Law Firm is top notch. She was attentive and professional but also personal and cared about my son and his injuries. All emails were answered promptly and all calls and messages were answered. All questions and concerns were addressed also with such professionalism. Even during this Covid 19 Virus this law firm and Stephanie continued to work on my case and found new ways of sending and signing documents. I am so very happy with this law firm and with Stephanie Tolnai. I would recommend them and I would hire her again in a heart beat. I wished I had hired her for my own case. My son thanks you and I thank you.

Laura B.


[My experience with the Clark Law Firm] was very good. I was treated very respectfully, and they took my case seriously. I felt they wanted to get the best [result] for me. It was very positive – they felt like friends to me. They called me for any question they had, and I was able to call them multiple times for any silly question I would have. What I love about the Clark law firm is that they have multiple locations, and everyone is friendly. Instead of driving to Belmar, I was able to meet people at the Newark location which made it convenient for me. I would recommend the Clark Law Firm to any friends and family.

Samantha T.


Gerald Clark is not only an amazing attorney, he is also an honest, caring, and compassionate person. He represented my family and many of my friends from the Latino Community in cases involving cars and work related accidents and he always went above and beyond to help them, even learning their languages (He speaks Portuguese very well). He is very dedicated to his work and his cases, you couldn’t ask for a better attorney. I highly recommend him to my clients, friends and family. 

Gio S.


[My case was] very stressful – but the upside is when I needed a question answered or I was upset about something, The Clark Law Firm was always there when I called or emailed. We were treated really well. When I called or needed something, Tania the paralegal made sure I was OK and my questions were answered so I was satisfied. It was definitely a positive experience – all the meetings we had at the Newark office or on the phone, they were always there. In the end, the result of what they’ve been able to do for me has been phenomenal. We feel like my quality of life will improve, and we’re happy with our settlement. We pushed and I got what I wanted, and I feel they helped me accomplish that. I would absolutely recommend Jerry and the Clark Law Firm. We never felt we would need a lawyer but we knew that the Clark Law Firm had our back. I could trust them 100% and we would be satisfied with the outcome. 

Tracy and Scott R.


Clark Law firm was absolutely amazing from start to finish. Every person I came in contact with/spoke to was polite and helpful. I had the pleasure of working with Stephanie Tolnai throughout my case. She took such a stressful situation and made everything an easy process. She was along my side the whole way and was open with communication, even if this meant answering my emails of silly questions after hours. She went to bat for me, put up one hell of a fight and in the end she was very successful. I would personally recommend Stephanie and Clark Law Firm to anyone.

 Sharon Pagan – verified Google review


Gerry Clark and his team provided me with outstanding legal representation, as they fought for me against a large corporation. Gerry readily accepted my case when another attorney claimed it would be impossible for me to win against a large corporation. Gerry did not hesitate to accept the challenge of my case, and he reassured me that we would win. His commitment to his clients via his integrity, diligence, knowledge of the law and his persistence establish the Clark Law Firm above the rest. I appreciate the WIN outcome of my case, and Gerry’s time and effort.

 Christopher Renehan – verified Google review


I’m very satisfied with the service that I received from everyone at the office. They treated me with a lot of respect and attention. I’m very thankful for everything they done for me and would highly recommend them to anyone who was looking for a competent and respectful attorneys.

Jose Zuna – verified Google review


The Clark Law Firm did an excellent job on my case. My attorney Mark Morris was fantastic and knowledgeable. Mr. Morris, Flavia, and the team exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend the Clark Law Firm.

 Mirane Sena – verified Google review


I recommend Clark Law firm. My husband and I were very satisfied with their professional work in our case. Good translators for Portuguese and Spanish people, the lawyer is an excellent professional and very respectful. If you need a lawyer don’t hesitate to call the office.

 Rosa Oliveira – verified Google review


I can’t possibly say enough nice things about this law office and all of their employees. Every single person I came in contact with was so professional, helpful, and kind. They are not just concerned with the case but the people involved. I could not have picked a better place to come to in such a trying time of my life. Thank you for all you did for me, especially Mrs. Tolnai who worked diligently on my case.

 Ann Bones – verified Google review


Clark Law firm did a great job for me on my NJ car accident case. The insurance company tried to get me to take much less than my case was worth. My lawyer told me to just keep my head down and focus on my life getting better while they fought hard and prepared the case for trial. Once they knew we were ready and the trial reputation of the law firm the insurance company caved. Great law firm…

Claire Ferraro – verified Google review


The Clark Law Firm was a pleasure to work with, both professional and efficient – the entire experience was easy and comfortable. Entering the process I was uneasy and uncertain about moving forward, The Clark Law firm held my hand throughout the process and made everything painless. From start to finish, The Clark Law Firm was terrific.

Kimberly Pegler – verified Google review  


I’m very happy with the service, an excellent law firm. Thank you so much Ms. Flavia for the support!

Zumbi Dutra – verified Google review


O Sr. Clark é um trabalhador muito esforçado. Ele é um advogado incrível e uma Pessoa legal. Do início ao fim, ele sempre nos mantinha atualizados com o caso. Quando nossas esperanças diminuíram, ele trouxe de volta. Ele é alguém que você quer ter ao seu lado. Clark e sua equipe foram um presente enviado do céu para nós, eles venceram o nosso caso. Obrigado por tudo Mr.Clark, você sempre será o numero 1.

 Leandra Silva – verified Google review


Satisfeito com o reultado final, amei a atencao e a sinceridade principalmente desde o inicio por serem reais comigo em relação ao tempo de espera, a procedencia do caso e principalmente por sempre tirarem minhas duvidas com a maior transparencia e honestidade (sem promessas vãs) super gratificações em especial para Flavia por sempre me deixar por dentro do meu caso e sempre atualizado no processo, obrigado a todos do Clark Law Firm por acreditarem em mim e por estarem do meu lado ate o fim. Muito Obrigado!

 Danilo Da Silva – verified Google review


Estoy muy agradecido por los abogados y el personal que trabajaron muy duro en mi caso . También fue genial que tenían ahí a los que hablaban español para poder comunicarse directamente con el personal y sin la necesidad de un intérprete. Estoy muy agradecido por el resultado de mi caso y yo les recomendaría a cualquier persona que se lesione en el trabajo y necesita un abogado.

Feliciano Tenezaca – verified Google review

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