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$285,000 Settlement for Injuries from Fall on Needlessly Dangerous Sidewalk

$285,000 Settlement for Injuries from Fall on Needlessly Dangerous Sidewalk

Dangerous Sidewalk Fall Injury Lawyer in New Jersey

Gerald Clark recovered $285,000 for a man who fell on a broken sidewalk in Long Branch, New Jersey.  The man was walking on the broken sidewalk in front of an auto repair shop in downtown Long Branch when he fell down and broke his ankle.  The sidewalk had been in very poor condition for many years.  There were deep ruts in the concrete and settling which exposed a pipe to stick up several inches in the middle of the walkway.

This fall occurred in an area of the walkway designated for pedestrians. The defects and disrepair created a substantial risk of injury. The law requires commercial business owners to make sure the sidewalk in front of their business is safe so this kind of thing does not happen.

After falling he went to the Emergency Room at the Monmouth Medical Center.  X-rays showed he fractured his ankle.  Clark filed a lawsuit in Monmouth County Superior Court.  The business was covered by liability insurance which hired lawyers to defend them and ended up paying the $285,000 settlement.

If you have been injured in a fall down, car accident or at work, contact Clark Law Firm today.  We are experienced in these types of cases.  The top accident lawyers in New Jersey are experienced in taking cases to trial and recovering fair compensation to make up for needless harms and losses.

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