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$500,000 Judgment for Client Given Wrong Medication by Pharmacist

On September 19, 2019, the Clark Law Firm, P.C. obtained a $500,000 judgment in Essex County on behalf of a client who was negligently provided the wrong medication by her pharmacist.

In June of 2016, our client’s treating doctor wrote her a prescription for Zoloft, an anti-depressant medication.  When our client went to her pharmacist to have the prescription filled, the pharmacy negligently provided her with the anti-psychotic medication, Seroquel.

After taking this medication, our client began experiencing involuntary muscle twitches, spasms and high levels of anxiety and depression and was hospitalized on two separate occasions.  Only after performing an internet search of the side effects for the generic name of the medication she was given did our client realize the pharmacy’s error.

After filing the case in Essex County Superior Court, in Newark, New Jersey, the Clark Law Firm, P.C., ultimately obtained a judgment against the defendants for $500,000.

Pharmacies are trusted by their patients to dispense the correct medication.  Often times people in their most vulnerable states – the sick, the elderly, young children – rely on their pharmacist to provide them with the right medication to cure their ailments.  When pharmacies practices fall below the standard of care in their industry, people, like our client, can be severely harmed or killed.  While our client would undoubtedly rather have her life from before she was dispensed the wrong medication back, this is a good result for our client and hopefully acts to deter medical professionals from engaging in unsafe and careless practices in treating their patients.

The case was handled by attorney Mark W. Morris and the rest of the team at the Clark Law Firm.

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