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$55,000 Settlement for Young Father Involved in Crash

On November 22, 2015, the Plaintiff, who was then 33 years old, was side-swiped and subsequently rear-ended while driving his car on Route 21 in Newark on his way to work to support his wife and two sons. The crashes left him in pain; he was taken by ambulance to University Medical Center in Newark. His continued pain and physical limitations led him to seek treatment with a chiropractor and receive acupuncture therapy for several months.

Lazaro Berenguer, Esq., of Clark Law Firm, PC., filed the case in Essex County in September 2017 under Docket Number: ESX-L-6595-17. Throughout this litigation, Defendants not only blamed the Plaintiff for both crashes, but through their orthopedic medical expert, they said that the Plaintiff only sustained temporary soft tissue injuries. However, the Plaintiff’s orthopedic medical expert concluded that our client sustained a permanent injury to his lower back because of the crash.

Due to his persistent work, Lazaro Berenguer, Esq., successfully settled this matter for $55,000 ($15,000 above the arbitration award).

After this settlement, Lazaro Berenguer, Esq., shared, “This crash negatively impacted plaintiff’s life, his relationship with his wife and with his two sons. I’m pleased that we were able to obtain just compensation for what he has suffered and for what he lost at no fault of his own.”

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