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A New Jersey Personal Injury Attorney Discusses DePuy Hip Implants

If you were implanted with a metal-on-metal hip replacement manufactured by DePuy Orthopaedics and subsequently suffered an injury, you should contact a New Jersey personal injury attorney.

These metal hip replacements, known as the ASR, have been withdrawn from the marketplace following several hundred complaints about the product. However, prior to the withdrawal, the hip replacements were implanted in thousands of patients.

DePuy Hip Replacement Failure Rate

As your New Jersey personal injury attorney can inform you, some studies indicate that the DePuy hip replacement allegedly has a higher failure rate than other hip replacement devices.

In addition, some patients claim that the company hid obvious problems with the product so that they could continue to profit off the defective hip. In fact, the hip replacement was only recalled two years after patients started to file complaints about the product requiring expensive surgery to remove the implant.

Your New Jersey personal injury lawyer will tell you that the exact failure rate of the DePuy Orthopaedics hip replacement is not known. However, some estimates have the failure rate as high as 49 percent of all patients. So according to these studies, almost half of all patients who had the hip installed may require corrective surgery.

Defects With the DePuy ASR

The suspected design flaw in the metal-on-metal hip replacement is believed to involve the design of the ASR cup that makes it difficult for the artificial hip to implant properly. As a result, your New Jersey personal injury attorney will tell you that the metal hip may release metal debris after a period of use that damages the soft tissue near the hip.

Your New Jersey personal injury lawyer is aware that patients who have had the hip implanted may have required medical procedures to remove and replace the hip, suffered tissue reaction to the metal pieces that break off from the hip, and developed non-cancerous pseudotumors believed to have resulted from a toxic reaction to the metal pieces.

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If you believe that you or someone you know has been injured through use of a DePuy metal-on-metal hip implant, you should consult an experienced personal injury attorney. The replacement hips may have been defectively designed. Even worse, problems with the hip may have been deliberately ignored. Contact New Jersey personal injury attorney Gerald H. Clark at 877-841-8855 to discuss your case and review your options for recovering damages.

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