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A New Jersey Personal Injury Attorney Explains Your Rights When Dental Surgery Goes Wrong

As your New Jersey personal injury attorney will explain further, a faulty dental implant could give rise to claims of personal injury as well as dental malpractice, allowing you to recover possible compensation commensurate with your injuries and lost wages. Problems with dental implants could involve the implantation by your dentist or the implant product itself.

By meeting with a New Jersey personal injury attorney as soon as possible, you can review your claim and attempt to file a complaint against the appropriate parties—which will result in the quickest possible recovery.

A New Jersey Personal Injury Lawyer Explains Medical Product Liability

One facet to your dental implant lawsuit involves fault on the part of the implant manufacturer or designer, resulting in injury to your mouth or jaw. If the implant itself was poorly designed or the product maker sent an implant that was not properly fitted according to the specifications of your mouth and teeth, you will undoubtedly face pain, discomfort and potential long-term harm. A New Jersey personal injury attorney can help you hold a manufacturer responsible if it is proven that the implant was either designed improperly or improperly manufactured.

A New Jersey Personal Injury Lawyer Discusses Dental Malpractice

In addition to product liability claims against the implant manufacturer, you may also be able to raise an injury claim against your dentist for failing to implant the product properly. Under the law, your New Jersey personal injury attorney must be able to prove that your dentist deviated from the conduct and care that a reasonable dentist in the same situation would have provided. If your dental implant was inserted at the wrong angle or the surgery injured another area of your mouth, you could have a strong claim for dental malpractice. As your New Jersey personal injury attorney will explain, symptoms of a botched dental implant will likely include swelling, infection or numbness.

Contact a Reputable New Jersey Personal Injury Lawyer Today

If you were recently injured following a dental implantation procedure, a New Jersey personal injury attorney may be able to help you recover medical expenses or lost wages. For more information or to make an appointment, contact Gerald H. Clark today by calling (877) 841-8855.


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