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A Newark Construction Accident Lawyer Shares Common Causes of Construction Accidents

According to the New Jersey department of labor and workforce development New Jersey averaged a workforce of 151,600 construction industry workers in 2020.  Every day, construction workers put their lives at risk because there are many factors that can contribute to construction accidents in NJ.  If you or a loved one has been injured in a construction accident, contact a Newark construction accident lawyer today to discuss your case at (877) 841-8855.

Some Interesting Stats About Construction Industry Fatalities in New Jersey


The website reported that the construction sector had 532 fatalities between 1990-2013 (construction had the highest number of fatalities compared to other sectors).  It also reported that 69% of these were residents of New Jersey.


The CDC/NIOSH is Committed to Focusing on Construction Falls and Machinery to Help Prevent Occupational Injuries


Two of the top priorities that the CDC/NIOSH has committed to focusing on its resources on are:


  • Residential and commercial construction falls (including renovation and maintenance)
  • Machinery with emphasis on construction, manufacturing, and mobile equipment


Types of Common Construction Accident Injuries That May Occur on the Job


Falls/Slip and Falls:  falls are one of the most common construction site accidents that occur due to negligence. Falls may be caused by unsafe ladders, lack of safety railings, or even a slippery floor or a spill on the ground.


Construction fall injuries can result in significant injuries to construction workers such as spinal cord injuries, head injuries, trauma, and more.


Explosions and Fires: construction site explosions can be catastrophic and can lead to construction workers suffering from severe burns, and other injuries including fatalities.


Toxic Chemicals:  on-site workers should have the proper equipment to protect themselves from inhaling toxic chemical fumes; if they don’t have proper protection, that can result in lung damage. Another scenario is if their skin comes into contact with chemicals, they can suffer from painful and severe chemical burns.


Structural Collapse: if a construction worker is struck by a falling object or objects from a structural collapse; that can result in life-threatening injuries.


Faulty Railings and Stairways: faulty stairways can cause a construction worker to slip and fall and incur injuries such as a broken leg or arm.  Faulty railings and stairways may also cause more severe injuries.


Electrocutions: construction workers are subject to live electrical wires and machinery. If these wires become frayed or equipment malfunctions; the construction worker may suffer from electric shock or electrocution.

Electrocutions can result in burns, nerve damage, and additional injuries.


Equipment Failure: there are times when equipment doesn’t always function properly and may result in causing injury to the person using the machinery or those nearby.  Another possibility is that the person who is using the equipment may not be trained properly or could be distracted. Equipment failure can cause serious injuries on the job.


Contact an Experienced Newark Construction Accident Lawyer Today to Discuss Your Case


The skilled New Jersey construction accident attorneys at Clark Law are ready to assist, call today at (877) 841-8855 to discuss your case.  Visit the Clark Law website HERE to schedule a free consultation by filling out our form or chatting with one of our experienced construction injury lawyers.