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A Newark Slip and Fall Injury Lawyer Discusses How to Handle Grocery Store Accidents

New Jersey grocery stores and supermarkets are prone to slip and falls.  Grocery stores are high-traffic areas because so many people are going in and out.  Even though store employees do their best to be on the lookout for hazards or clean up wet or slippery aisles; sometimes they don’t get there in time.  Most customers are too busy browsing aisles trying to find items from their grocery list that they may not notice the spill on the floor or the banana peel in the fruit section. Unfortunately, injuries are common at grocery stores, and it is important to understand why they happen and how to proceed if you are injured at a supermarket. Contact Clark Law Firm P.C. at 1-877-841-8855 to speak to a Newark slip and fall injury lawyer and discuss your injury.


Why Causes Slip and Fall Accidents Happen at Grocery Stores and Supermarkets?


Dropped Food in Grocery Store Aisles: the fruit and vegetable departments can be hazardous due to dropped fruit and vegetables.  Customers accidentally may drop a grape or potato on the floor and another customer may end up slipping and falling.


Wet, Slippery, or Oily Floors: in states like New Jersey where it snows, customers entering the grocery store can bring with them ice, sleet, and snow that can make the floors slippery.


Other examples are if the floors were recently mopped but the store failed to display “wet floor signs” or a customer may slip and fall even with the sign being displayed. Other times, a customer may drop a bottle of oil that bursts open on the floor and another customer may slip and fall before the store can clean it up.


Hidden Obstacles in Aisles: there could be obstacles in the aisles that a customer may not notice because they are not easily visible; therefore, resulting in a slip and fall.


Uneven Floors or Cracks in Floors: uneven flooring and cracks or gaps in the aisle floors can also cause a customer to slip and fall at a New Jersey grocery store.


Newark Slip and Fall Injury Lawyer: Grocery Store Accident/Fall

How Can Slip and Fall Accidents Be Prevented at NJ Grocery Stores?


Grocery stores have a responsibility to keep the store hazard free and safe for their shoppers. Some of the things that grocery store managers should be doing to keep their stores safe are:


  • Clean up spills ASAP and train new employees on being aware of spills in aisles.
  • Keep store aisles clean and free of boxes, and excessive displays, and make sure that there is enough room for customers to move through the aisles safely.
  • Make sure the grocery store is well-lit so customers can identify hazards on the floors.
  • They should inspect the floors regularly to make sure that there are no visible hazards such as spilled liquids and oils, uneven floors, and any other store hazards.
  • They should incorporate non-slip mats in areas that are prone to be more slippery or wet.


Newark Slip and Fall Injury Lawyer Shares the Steps to Take if You Are Injured from a Slip and Fall at an NJ Grocery Store


Step One: Get immediate medical attention and get checked out by a doctor.

Step Two: File an incident report with the store manager.

Step Three: Take photos of your injury as well as where you fell in the store and make sure to photograph what may have caused you to fall.

Step Four: Consult a knowledgeable New Jersey personal injury lawyer.


The Importance of Consulting a Slip and Fall Injury Lawyer


A Newark slip and fall lawyer can explain your rights to you and determine if you could possibly get compensated for your injury.  They can assess your situation and advise if you have a valid case against the grocery store.  Grocery store customers who were injured because of the negligence of the store may be entitled to medical expenses, lost wages, and compensation for their injuries and suffering.


Contact Clark Law Firm P.C. today at 1-877-841-8855 to speak to an experienced Newark slip and fall injury lawyer.  You can also chat with us online about your case. Clark Law Firm handles slip and fall injury cases throughout Monmouth and Essex County.