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A Newark Workplace Injury Lawyer Shares How to Handle a Workplace Injury in New Jersey

If you were injured on the job, at a work construction site, factory or while traveling for business, it is critical to know how to handle a workplace injury in New Jersey.  At Clark Law Firm, our Newark workplace injury lawyer can guide you on the steps you need if you were injured at work.  Call Clark Law today for more information at (877) 841-8855.

Have You Sustained a Workplace Injury in New Jersey That Involved:

  • Falling from a construction site
  • Injured from faulty equipment
  • Electrocution accident
  • Injured while working in a factory
  • Exposure to harmful chemicals or contaminants
  • Being injured at a work event or conference
  • Slip and fall injury
  • Fire or explosion
  • Uneven floors at work or structural issues
  • Unsafe work conditions that may have caused injury

How Many Days Do You Have to Report a Workplace Injury in New Jersey?

The state of New Jersey requires workers and employees to report their injury to their employer within 14 days, however, it is best to notify your employer as soon as possible. If your immediate boss or supervisor is not available, you can notify your human resources department or another manager who can help you document your injury.

 Should You Notify Your Employer of Our Injury in Writing or Verbally?

You can notify the appropriate personnel in writing and/or verbally but having proof of written notice is always helpful.

Who Can Select the Physician to Treat a Worker Injured at Work?

The New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Law, states that the employer and/or their insurance carrier may select the physician to treat people who were injured at work.

 What Happens After You Report Your Workplace Injury to Your Employer in New Jersey?

After you report the workplace accident to your employer, the employer’s workers’ compensation insurance carrier is required to file a First Report of Injury electronically with the State of New Jersey.

The Workers’ Compensation Insurance Carrier That Represents Your Employer Will Review Your Claim

The workers’ compensation insurance carrier will do its due diligence by contacting the injured employee, the employer, and the physician to determine if the claim is compensable.

The insurance carrier determines if a claim is compensable or not based on whether they can conclude that the employee was injured within the scope of their employment.  If the insurance carrier believes that the claim is compensable, then the employee would be eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits.

What Happens If the Employee is Required to Be Off Work for More Than 7 Days Because of Their Workplace Injury?

If the workplace injury requires the employee to be off work for more than 7 days, then benefits will extend to temporary disability benefits while they are recovering from their injury.

If the injured worker returns to work within 26 weeks, the insurance company must submit a Subsequent Report of Injury Form with the state of New Jersey. The injured worker should also receive a copy of this form.

Were You Injured on the Job?  Get Legal Guidance from an Experienced Newark Workplace Injury Lawyer Today!

Call Clark Law Firm today at (877) 841-8855 to speak to a knowledgeable New Jersey workplace injury lawyer and see if you qualify to get compensated for your workplace injury.

Clark Law Firm represents injured clients in Monmouth, Essex, Bergen, and Ocean County in New Jersey and has offices in Belmar, Newark, Rutherford, and Surf City, NJ.