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Advantages of Settling Your Personal Injury Claim Instead of Litigating

As soon as your personal injury claim is handed over to an insurance defense attorney, the value significantly drops. This is mainly due to the fact that insurance defense attorneys tend to offer settlement amounts that are even lower than what they have been authorized by the insurer to offer you. Experienced New Jersey personal injury lawyers should know how to handle insurance defense lawyers so that their clients can obtain the maximum settlement that they deserve for the personal injuries they have suffered.

More Settlement Authority than they Admit to

The simple truth is that the majority of insurance defense attorneys have the authority to settle their personal injury cases for more than what they actually offer New Jersey personal injury lawyers and their clients. And plaintiffs’ lawyers know this. In order to estimate much the case will settle for or how much it will be worth at trial, experienced New Jersey personal injury lawyers will actually ask the insurance defense lawyer how much they think the case is worth. They will then take that value and add an additional fifty to one hundred percent, depending on the size of the claim, to get the actual value of the claim.

Defense attorneys offer significantly less than what they have authority for in order to satisfy and maintain insurance company clients. The less they can settle their claims for, the better they will look in front of the insurance company.

Settling May Be the Better Option

In the majority of cases, the plaintiff may be ultimately happier if they settle their claim as opposed to going to trial. Chances are, settling a claim for $10,000 without the hassle and tribulations of trial may be a lot better than going through trial and ultimately getting a $15,000 verdict. New Jersey personal injury lawyers can better assess your case to determine which option will be better suited for your particular case.

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