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Belmar NJ Slip and Fall Lawyer Shares Safety Tips to Prevent Slipping on Black Ice

New Jersey winters can be brutal.  Snowstorms, occasional blizzards, rain, sleet, and ice can create dangerous conditions.  While you are running errands and commuting to work in the Garden State, it is important to be cautious of your surroundings.  In New Jersey, business owners and commercial establishments have a responsibility to keep their spaces reasonably safe.  This means they should do things like shovel snow from walkways and stairways and sprinkle salt to melt ice.  Unfortunately, not everyone does their part to keep their space safe, and therefore, accidents do happen.  A Belmar NJ slip and fall lawyer shares some safety tips on how to prevent slipping on ice.

Belmar NJ Slip and Fall Lawyer: Slip on Black Ice Injury

Be Aware of Your Surroundings for Black Ice and Watch Where You Are Walking and Stepping


Even though it is termed “black ice”, it is actually not black but transparent in color.  This type of ice is difficult to recognize because many times it blends in with the road. Black ice can be found on sidewalks, stairs, and the New Jersey Turnpike.


Another culprit of black ice is that because it is hard to see, it is also hard to keep that area safe because it can easily be missed.


Black ice usually forms at night or early morning when it is the coldest out.  It is important to be extra careful when walking out and about in these conditions.


Wear Comfortable Snowshoes That Have Traction at the Bottom


Wearing shoes or snowshoes with traction may help prevent you from slipping in icy weather conditions.  Winter in New Jersey calls for wearing shoes that can withstand the brutal cold as well as icy roads.


Allow Yourself Enough Time to Get to Your Destination in NJ


Give yourself enough time to get to work or any other commitments as rushing may cause you to not be as aware or cautious of your surroundings. Allow extra time for things such as car accidents or bad weather.


Be Careful Getting in and Out of Cars, Taxis, Uber, and Lyft


Make sure that you are holding on to the car guardrail when entering and exiting a vehicle.  When you open the door, look down to see if it is safe to step out or not.  If you think you see ice, move the vehicle to a safer location before exiting.


Keep a Small Bag of Salt in Your Car Glove Compartment


In case of emergency, keep some salt inside your car (not just the trunk), therefore, if you have no choice but to part somewhere where there is ice or a slippery road, you can sprinkle salt on it first.


Have a Flashlight in Your Car


Utilize a flashlight when getting in and out of your vehicle in dark areas.  Inspect the ground for ice or black ice when possible and avoid stepping on it.  If this means, having to enter the car from the passenger side, then do what you have to do to remain safe.


Did You Injure Yourself on Black Ice in New Jersey?


If you injured yourself on black ice or any slippery floor or even a fall down the stairs, we are here to help you.  Contact our Belmar NJ slip and fall lawyer today to discuss your injuries and we can determine if you have a case.  Call us at 1-877-841-8855.  We handle injury cases in Essex, Monmouth, and Middlesex County and also Hablamos Español-Falamos Português.