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Belmar Slip and Fall Lawyer Shares Info on Liability in Ice Fall Down Injuries

Did you know that commercial establishments in New Jersey such as restaurants, bars, and nightclubs have a responsibility to keep the inside and outside of their establishments reasonably safe? A Belmar slip and fall lawyer shares what you need to know about liability in ice fall-down injuries in New Jersey.

Belmar Slip and Fall Lawyer

Watch Out for Black Ice When Out and About in Essex County


The term “black ice” refers to transparent ice and many times hard to see on roads and sidewalks. Because of this, many patrons may not see it and slip on black ice. Slipping and falling on black ice can result in a person being injured in NJ. Depending on the extent of the fall and the age of the person, injuries may vary from minor to more severe.


Types of Injuries Caused by Falling Down on Ice in Belmar


Severe injuries from falling on black ice may include broken bones, head injuries, and spinal injuries. For an elderly person who slips and falls on ice, the result can be devastating. They may even require hip surgery and months of recovery due to their slip and fall accident. Minor injuries include bruises on the knees, hands, or feet to a sprained ankle or wrist. If you do slip and fall and are injured, it is smart to get checked out by an emergency room doctor, or urgent care center. They can take an X-Ray and determine if you have any broken bones that may require treatment and a cast or if it is just a sprain.


What Role Does Premises Liability Play in Commercial Establishments in Essex County?


Because patrons are coming to local restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and nightclubs and these businesses have high-traffic areas, they must make sure that they are doing their best to keep the property “reasonably safe.”


The term “reasonably safe” may be a term that could be argued in court, however, because commercial businesses know that they have hundreds of patrons coming in and out of their establishment they do have certain responsibilities to them. Commercial businesses should sprinkle salt on all walkways, shovel snow out of the way, and keep pathways clear of any obstructions that could cause a trip, slip, or fall.


Three Factors That Come Into Play Regarding the Liability of Commercial Businesses in NJ


One of the most important questions is: was the business negligent? This pertains to things like did they fail to clear ice and snow in a timely manner. Did they sprinkle salt on certain parts but only do half the job and leave other parts of the venue to potentially create a hazard for patrons? If so, negligence on their part may come into play.


Did the business anticipate bad weather conditions as they should have? If a blizzard or snowstorm is coming, they should have predicted icy and dangerous conditions and planned to handle the aftermath of a winter storm. In other words, was the accident foreseeable?


When it comes to liability, there must also be causation. Causation refers to a direct link between a person’s injury and the negligence of the business.


Did You Slip and Fall and Injure Yourself in New Jersey?


If you slipped on ice or just had a fall-down accident in a local establishment in Essex, Monmouth, or Middlesex County, contact Clark Law Firm P.C. today at 1-877-841-8855. Our Belmar slip and fall lawyer can determine if negligence played a part in your injury. Hablamos Español-Falamos Português.