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Category Archives: Middletown Township Trip and Fall Injury Lawyer

Middletown Township Trip and Fall Lawyer Discusses Injuries Sustained in Falls

By Clark Law Firm |

Trip and fall accidents are not to be taken lightly.  These types of accidents can lead to many different types of injuries. A Middletown Township trip and fall lawyer shares some common types of injuries that are a result of trip and fall accidents.   Trip and Fall Accidents in Monmouth County Can Cause… Read More »

Middletown Township Fall Down Accident Lawyer Shares 10 Hazards That Cause Falls

By Clark Law Firm |

As New Jersey residents are busy running errands driving to work taking their kids to school there are many hidden hazards to watch out for that may cause a fall-down accident. By having more awareness of these hazards, it can help prevent accidents from happening a Middletown Township fall-down accident lawyer discusses 10 hazards… Read More »