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Concussion Justice | Clark Law Firm, PC

The NFL and others knew about the very sad concussion problem for years but kept exposing players and took no real action until brave civil justice lawyers sued the NFL at tremendous risk on behalf of permanently disabled players.  This is why we are proud to represent people, not the powerful.

Concussions and the Courthouse | American Association of Justice (Read Full Article)

When we think of concussions, we think of the “big hit” that leaves a player dazed or unconscious, and it’s true that a single concussion, or series of concussions, can result in a traumatic brain injury. But medical science is also increasingly pointing to the accumulation of undramatic subconcussive hits as a major risk for potential brain disease. Players who exhibit no immediate symptoms may still be at risk for serious health problems. Concussions can take days, weeks, or even longer to heal. (Read the Full Article)