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Documents to Give Your New Jersey Personal Injury Attorneys

The practice of law, and especially personal injury litigation, is heavily document-oriented. Your New Jersey personal injury attorneys will likely require a copious amount of medical and financial information from you as preparation for your trial takes place. Known as the discovery phase, the exchange of documents between attorneys in a personal injury case is a key component of the litigation process. Absent objections based on attorney-client privilege, the courts have held that parties must turn over all requested documents even if they would be inadmissible during the trial.

Medical Records

Your New Jersey personal injury attorneys will hinge their case on your medical evidence. As such, you are urged to keep meticulous records of all medical documents you receive pertaining to injuries sustained during the accident. If possible, you should seek treatment from a physician of your choosing, not one referred to you by your attorneys. Keep track of all tests, scans, blood work, surgical procedures and prescription drug regiments. If you are enduring rehabilitation post-operatively, keep records of your progress as it will be important to show the court that you are trying to stay as healthy as possible despite your injuries.

Medical Trips

One helpful tactic is to keep a separate “medical trips” list of all dates, times and locations of doctor’s appointments. Record trips to the pharmacy for over-the-counter or prescription drugs and supplies. This document will help your New Jersey personal injury attorneys organize your medical evidence in a clear and concise manner.

Medical Expenses

In order for your attorneys to know exactly how much money to request as part of your damages and recovery, they must have a figure based on actual facts reflecting the extent of your injury. Keep a daily record of everything you purchased because of your injury, even if it seems minor or insignificant. The defendant’s representatives will take your claim much more seriously if you can present an itemized list of expenses rather than one lump sum figure.

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