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East Orange Automobile Accident Lawyer Shares Auto Accident Claim Tips

If you have been involved in an automobile accident in New Jersey, it is important to understand what your insurance covers as well as how to handle your accident claim, and what steps to take. An East Orange automobile accident lawyer shares what you need to know if you have been injured or involved in an accident on the New Jersey Turnpike.


It is Important to Understand the Different Insurance Options Provided in NJ


No-Fault Insurance: No-fault insurance is mandatory in New Jersey.  No-fault insurance provides compensation for medical expenses, wage losses, and even funeral costs regardless of who is responsible for the accident.


At-Fault Insurance (the Traditional Option) aka liability insurance requires the at-fault driver to cover the cost of the accident.


East Orange Automobile Accident Lawyer

What Should You Do If You Are Involved in an Automobile Crash in New Jersey


No one is prepared to be involved in a car accident, so when it does happen it can cause anxiety and stress.  Below are the steps to take if you have been injured or involved in a car accident in NJ.


  1. Get to a Safe Location: if you can move your vehicle to the side of the road so you are not in danger of oncoming traffic hitting you, it is best to do so.
  2. Call 911 to Report the Accident: call first responders to inform them of the accident and request an ambulance if needed. It is important to file an official report with the police so that you have documentation of the accident.
  3. Seek Medical Assistance if Needed: even if you think you were not injured in a car accident, it is best to get checked out by the paramedics or medical professionals. In many cases, injuries may service days or weeks later.
  4. Get Photos and Videos of the Accident Scene and Your Injuries: evidence will be important for your case. Your insurance provider will ask for these items and your New Jersey personal injury lawyer will also need these to help build a case for your accident and injuries.
  5. If You or a Loved One Was Injured: make sure you speak to an East Orange automobile accident lawyer who can evaluate if you have a case for your injuries.
  6. Be Cautious of Accepting a Settlement Offer Quickly from Your Insurance Provider: by signing too quickly on the dotted line, you may be doing yourself a disservice by accepting a low-ball offer. An experienced Essex County injury lawyer can guide you on the right questions to ask and steps to take.


What to Do if You Cannot Reach a Settlement With Your Insurance Provider in New Jersey?


If you are unable to come to an amicable agreement with your insurance provider, discuss your situation with an East Orange car accident lawyer who can help you file a lawsuit if warranted.


Get the Legal Guidance You Need to Get Justice for Your Car Crash Injuries in NJ


Call Clark Law Firm P.C. today at 1-877-841-8855 to discuss your injuries and potential case.  Our East Orange automobile accident lawyer is here to assist you through the process. You can also check out one of our recent podcast episodes from Jersey Justice Podcast™ about “Understanding Your Automobile Insurance Policy in New Jersey” below.