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East Orange NJ Car Accident Lawyers Share How Road Hazards May Cause Car Accidents

Even though many accidents in New Jersey are because of human error or perhaps someone was driving under the influence; there are also a lot of car accidents caused by road hazards. East Orange NJ car accident lawyers share some common road hazards that can cause automobile and truck accidents in New Jersey below.


Watch Out for Those “Pesky Potholes”


Potholes are extremely dangerous because they may cause a driver to swerve to avoid the pothole. If a driver swerves too quickly; he or she may not notice a car in the next lane and end up colliding with that vehicle. Furthermore, potholes can lead to tire blowouts or even damage a vehicle’s suspension system.

East Orange NJ Car Accident Lawyers

Watch Out for Spilled Substances Such as Oil and Other Slippery Fluids


Because the New Jersey Turnpike is full of vehicles and trucks that are transporting various chemicals and fluids; sometimes spills can happen. It’s imperative to avoid driving over a slippery spill on the road. Slippery fluids on the road can make it extremely difficult for a driver to maintain their grip when they are turning on a road.


Adverse Weather Makes Dangerous Driving Conditions


Winter storms that come with sleet, ice, and hidden black ice can really be dangerous for NJ drivers. Black ice may cause a vehicle to hydroplane. Hydroplane means that the vehicle slides uncontrollably. Give yourself ample time to get to your destination when the weather is bad because delays are expected and should be anticipated.


Keep Your Eyes Open for Foreign Objects on the Road or Freeway in New Jersey


Foreign objects on the road such as glass and nails are dangerous for drivers. If you’re driving by a construction site, be cognizant of nails on the road or broken glass because they can cause your tires to puncture.  Also, be on the lookout for any other foreign objects that could be on the road in your path.


Be Extra Careful When Driving in a Construction Zone in NJ


Be wary of construction zone sites. It is essential to be aware of construction road signs and look out for uneven lanes, narrow lanes, merging lanes, and any other construction zone factors. Another thing to be aware of is that many times a construction zone may force you to change your route.  The new route may be one that you are not familiar with, so it is imperative to be alert and stay focused.



Do Not Ignore Animal Crossing Signs


Be extra alert when you are going through an area with animal crossings. Many times, drivers don’t expect to encounter an animal; however, the sign is there for a reason.  If an unexpected deer comes in the path and you’re not able to stop in time that may cause a serious accident. Having a collision with a deer may cause serious injuries to the driver and passengers in a vehicle.


Were You Involved in a Car Accident Due to a Road Hazard?


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