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East Orange NJ Slip and Fall Lawyer Discusses Types of Injuries from Slip and Falls

Depending on the extent of the fall; slip and fall injuries may cause serious injuries to people in NJ. An East Orange NJ slip and fall lawyer explains some common injuries resulting from slip and fall accidents in New Jersey.


Fractures and Broken Bones are Common Injuries for Slip and Fall Accidents in NJ


One of the most common types of injuries incurred in a slip and fall accident are broken bones and fractures. Many slip and falls can result in, a fractured or broken wrist or broken ankle or knee.


Falls involving the elderly can also result in a broken hip that may require surgery. And months of recuperation time.


If the fall was not as bad it may not result in broken bones; however, it may result in sprains and strains in the wrists, ankles, and knees.

East Orange NJ Slip and Fall Lawyer


Head Injuries and Concussions Can Also Happen in Slip and Fall Down Accidents


If a person ends up hitting their head because of a slip and fall or fall down accident; that may lead to a concussion or a traumatic brain injury depending on the extent of the fall.


Head injuries are serious, and they can have long-lasting implications on a person’s cognitive and physical abilities. And can take months or even years to recover from head injuries.


Hip Fractures or Broken Hips or Fractures Are Common for the Elderly Population


Falls involving the elderly can also result in a broken hip that may require surgery and months of recuperation time.  For some seniors, a walker can be helpful to give them the support they need.  Sometimes, the injury can also be a result of poor eyesight resulting from cataracts.  However, many times it may be caused by negligence at an establishment or a crack in the sidewalk.


Back and Neck Injuries Can Also Be Caused By a Fall Down Accident in NJ


Depending on if the person happens to fall forwards or backwards, they can also suffer from back and neck injuries. Back and neck injuries can lead to chronic pain and even mobility issues. A person with back and neck injuries may require physical therapy or even surgery depending on how serious their injuries are.


Slip and Fall Accidents May Also Cause Soft Tissue Injuries

Soft tissue injuries are not immediately apparent, but they can later surface and cause pain and discomfort to the body.


The Emotional and Psychological Toll of Suffering from a Fall Accident


In addition to the physical injuries incurred by a slip and fall accident, it could also take a toll on one’s psychological health. Taking a fall and having to spend months recovering can induce fear and even the most fearless person. For example, let’s say that somebody fell down while wearing 4-inch heels; the memory of them falling and going through what they did may induce fear any time they have to wear heels again.  There are many things that may trigger someone who was injured, and it may also require therapy to recover from the emotional trauma of being injured.


Were You Injured From Falling Down in Essex or Monmouth County?


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