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Facing an Unreasonable Insurance Carrier

An experienced New Jersey accident law firm can assist you if you are facing an uphill battle versus an uncooperative insurance carrier. In the insurance industry, the growing trend is toward overly conservative offers and refusal to negotiate with claimants. If you are seeking compensation for your injury, you deserve the full amount to redress your injuries. The following outlines common reasons why insurance carriers are less and less willing to work with victims of personal injury.

Distrust of the legal profession

Many insurance providers are wary of personal injury lawyers who come across as “ambulance chasers” eager to extract the highest possible settlement. This distrust is reiterated in newspapers, magazines, and television shows portraying lawyers as heartless and greedy. However, as a New Jersey accident law firm will explain, these lawyers are merely trying to obtain the best possible outcome for injured clients. Nonetheless, insurance providers are becoming increasingly reluctant to work with lawyers, even on the most straightforward cases.

Fear of large verdicts

The media may be to blame for exaggerated or inaccurate coverage of personal injury jury verdicts. The stories reporting multi-million dollar payouts for seemingly insignificant injuries are the exception, not the rule, however. Plaintiffs are generally awarded a fair and reasonable amount from the jury. Even in the event that the amount is too high, the judge is within his discretion to adjust the verdict to an amount more congruent with the plaintiff’s actually injuries.

Willingness to take a chance with the jury

Many insurance carriers are willing to take their chances with the jury rather than settle the issue privately. This is because carriers believe that juries are lacking sympathy for personal injury claimants, and will likely refuse to enter an exceedingly high verdict. However, as your New Jersey personal injury law firm will explain, there is no reason to believe that a jury will definitely decide one way or the other, and it is just as possible for the jurors to side with the plaintiff and award a large verdict.

Seeking competent personal injury advice?

If you are looking for personal injury representation from a New Jersey accident law firm, do not hesitate to contact the Clark Law Firm, PC today at 877-841-8855.

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