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Fosamax Explained by a Personal Injury Lawyer in New Jersey

Fosamax was a popular drug prescribed for patients who suffered from osteoporosis and other conditions that affected bone strength. However, as your personal injury lawyer in New Jersey is aware, many patients who took Fosamax allegedly suffered serious side effects, including broken bones and fractures—resulting in thousands of lawsuits against the manufacturer of the drug.

Fosamax Side Effects

Your personal injury lawyer in New Jersey can tell you that Fosamax became one of the most widely used medications to treat osteoporosis. But after a period of use, many users of the drug experienced bone conditions that can lead to serious injury and even death. Some complications believed to arise from the use of Fosamax include:

  • Jaw Death. Some patients developed a rare condition where the jawbone tissue breaks down, leading to the jawbone to become exposed. As a result, someone suffering from this condition can suffer from infections, lesions, and even lost teeth.
  • Bone Fractures. While Fosamax is touted as helping to prevent bone loss, users of the drug may actually suffer a higher-than-usual number of bone fractures and other problems. This is especially true with thighbone and femur breaks.
  • Joint and Muscle Pain. Less serious effects of the drug can include aches and pains of the joints and muscles.
  • Irregular Heartbeat. Some Fosamax users have reported atrial fibrillation or irregular heartbeats.

Patients claim that the drug manufacturer should have warned them about these risks and complications before use.

Compensation for Fosamax Injuries

You will want to contact a personal injury lawyer in New Jersey to learn about the exact damages you may be able to collect if you have been injured through Fosamax. Some common types of recovery can include:

  • Medical Costs. This can include expenses for surgery, treatment, therapy, doctor’s visits and other expenses.
  • Lost Income. You may be entitled to compensation for any time missed from work. If you suffer permanent injuries that affect your ability to work in the future, you may be entitled to lost earning capacity as well.
  • Pain and Suffering. This can include physical and emotional pain.

Your personal injury attorney in New Jersey understands that every individual is different, and you may be entitled to additional forms of damages as well.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer in New Jersey

If you have suffered injuries related to Fosamax use, contact an experienced personal injury attorney to learn your options for collecting damages. Contact a personal injury lawyer at the Clark Law Firm, PC by calling 877-841-8855 to discuss your case.


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