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Four Tips for Finding the Top Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in NJ

If you were injured in a motorcycle accident, you may be wondering if you will need a personal injury attorney to assist with your case. While you could proceed with your claim alone, a skilled lawyer can help guide you through this process and represent you throughout proceedings.

However, you may be wondering how to find a lawyer suited to handling your claim. While, on paper, most attorneys share the same qualifications, there can be a drastic difference between the type of representation two lawyers provide. In this article, we take a look at a few factors you should consider before hiring a New Jersey personal injury lawyer.

1. Do They Have Relevant Experience?

Before hiring an attorney, you should make sure to find out whether they’ve handled similar claims to yours in the past. While personal injury attorneys typically share the same qualifications, overseeing a motorcycle accident claim may require a vastly different approach to building a dog bite case or preparing a premises liability lawsuit. Not only will someone with the relevant experience likely have an in-depth understanding of the case law, statutes, and proceedings related to your claim, but he or she may also have a track record of success winning such cases.

2. Do They Have Extensive Resources?

Investigating a motorcycle wreck can sometimes be a complex undertaking. In many cases, such accidents may demand input from various experts to determine what happened and to help estimate the value of the damages you incurred. During your initial consultation, you should ask the lawyer about their network of specialists and whether they plan on bringing in any expert witnesses to assist with your case.

3. Are They Compassionate?

Suffering a serious injury in a motorcycle accident is almost always a traumatic experience. As such, finding an attorney who understands your situation and is willing to be patient, caring, and gentle with you and your family could make all the difference in the challenging days ahead. Ultimately, it may be in your best interests to find someone who treats you with compassion from the moment you pick up the phone, and is willing to give you a direct line so that none of your questions go unanswered.

4. Do They Practice with Integrity?

While many attorneys take an honest approach, there are law firms that aim to settle claims as quickly as possible to turn a profit—even if it isn’t in your best interests to do so. Ideally, you want to find an attorney who recognizes the value of your claim and will strive to ensure that you achieve a favorable outcome in your case. If a lawyer has trial experience, this is usually a good sign that he or she is willing to take legal action if it’s in their clients’ best interests to do so.

Speak to a Motorcycle Accident Attorney in New Jersey Today

Were you hurt on the road? Turn to the attorneys at Clark Law Firm to discuss the best way to proceed with your personal injury claim. Gerald Clark and his team of skilled attorneys know what it takes to prevail in even the most complex cases—we have obtained some of the largest settlements and verdicts in the state. To schedule a free case review with a New Jersey motorcycle accident attorney, reach out to us at 877-841-8855 or send us a message using our Online Contact Form.

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