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I recently had an MRI, am I at an increased risk of NSF? How can a NJ personal injury attorney help?

Beginning in 2006, the Food and Drug Administration began to investigate a possible link between nephrogenic systemic fibrosis (NSF) in patients who received gadolinium-based contrast agents (GBCA’s), which are commonly used in conjunction with MRIs. As a NJ personal injury attorney can explain, it is possible to contract NSF following exposure to GBCA, which can in turn lead to exposure to liability for one of the five main manufacturers of GBCA: Magnevist, MultiHance, Omniscan, OptiMARK and ProHance.

As a result of the FDA’s investigation, these manufacturers were required to design a boxed warning and a warning enclosure in each product in order to alert medical professionals and patients as to the risks of NSF. If you believe your NSF can be attributed to an MRI you received in the past, a NJ personal injury attorney is one of the best resources to help you advance your rights and receive the compensation you deserve.

As a NJ personal injury lawyer, what sort of symptoms do you usually see in clients?

As a NJ personal injury lawyer working with injured victims of gadolinium-based contrast agents, we see a number of unexpected and hazardous symptoms in our patients. The signs of NSF can include any of the following, and be sure to contact a NJ personal injury attorney if you recently received a diagnosis of NSF linked to an MRI or MRA procedure:

  • Large areas of hardened skin displaying fibrous nodules or plaques
  • Joint pain or limitation in range of motion
  • Internal fibrosis affecting the heart, liver or lungs

As mentioned above, a NJ personal injury attorney can help handle your case whether you received an MRI or an MRA, which is a more specialized version of the MRI that can detect certain abnormalities in blood vessels and heart cavities. As your NJ personal injury attorney will explain, there are no GBCA-containing MRA procedures currently approved by the FDA. However, the five types mentioned above are currently approved by the FDA for use in a traditional MRA.

Contact a NJ personal injury attorney today for more information

NSF caused by GBCA is an inexcusable, and potentially compensable injury that your NJ personal injury lawyer will take very seriously. If you have questions about whether your condition would make you eligible for a personal injury claim, please contact the Clark Law Firm, PC at 877-841-8855.

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