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How Attorneys Spot Bad Clients

A productive collaboration with an attorney will greatly aid your personal injury case.

Personal Injury Are Attorneys Wary of Difficult Clients

Before accepting a personal injury case or making a commitment to it, NJ accident attorneys look for certain personality clues of the potential client to determine whether the individual is someone they can work with.

NJ accident attorneys understand that most problematic clients display hints of trouble early in the attorney-client relationship. The list below highlights some of the clues and hints attorneys look for in trying to detect an undesirable client.

Pessimistic Clients

Difficult clients tend to be pessimists who find almost nothing positive about their lives. Their first few sentences uttered at the first meeting with the NJ accident lawyer will be discouraging remarks about their lives. If they were involved in a minor personal injury accident, the will never say “Well, I’m glad I’m mostly ok. The injury wasn’t as serious as it could have been.” Clients who are so thoroughly dissatisfied with all aspects of their lives are unlikely to be satisfied with an attorney or the outcome of their case, even when favorable.

Clients Who Express a Philosophy of “Entitlement”

These clients are constantly dissatisfied and are sure to make bad witnesses. People who display a sense of entitlement believe they are entitled to extra attention, money, results, and contentment.

If the case moves to trial, the neutral party, meaning either the judge or jury, will not wish to see that particular client be rewarded for displaying such behavior. In other words, the squeaky wheel doesn’t always get the grease in personal injury cases. Claims adjusters, jurors, and judges will see right through people and find out who they are.

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