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How Car Accident Settlements and Fault is Determined in New Jersey

If you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident in Essex or Monmouth County, you may be wondering how fault is determined in an automobile accident in NJ. If you were injured, then you may also be wondering how settlements for car accidents are determined. Clark Law Firm P.C. shares how car accident settlements and fault are determined in New Jersey.


Determining Fault in an Automobile Accident in New Jersey Requires a Thorough Investigation


There are some guidelines to follow if you have been involved in a car accident in NJ. If the accident is major, other drivers driving by may call the police and first responders to the accident scene. If the accident was minor, it is still imperative to file an official accident report with the police department. The police report serves as important evidence that includes the details of the accident and the police officer may even provide his or her take on the accident.

Car Accident Settlements in New Jersey

Make Sure to Obtain Statements from Any Witnesses at the Scene


If there are any witnesses present, make sure that you get their contact information so that you or your NJ car accident lawyer can get statements from them if needed. Witnesses are the key to building a strong case for your defense.


Obtain Video Footage and Photographs of the Accident Scene


If you can take video footage and photographs of the scene, it is imperative to do so. If you are injured, then any witnesses or emergency responders may be able to assist with this task.


Your New Jersey Car Accident Lawyer May Recommend Utilizing Accident Reconstruction Specialists


Accident reconstruction specialists can help reconstruct the scene of the accident to evaluate the sequence of events that may have led up to the car crash.


Consult a New Jersey Car Accident Injury Lawyer Before Accepting a Settlement from Your Insurance Provider


While it is important to cooperate with the insurance adjusters, it is equally important to talk to your lawyer before making any official statements or signing any documents, or agreeing to a settlement. While the insurance adjusters’ job is to make sure that they pay out the minimum settlement, your injury attorney’s role is to ensure that your rights are protected and that you get justice.


After Fault for the Accident is Established in NJ, the Settlement Process Can Begin


The car accident settlement process may involve filing a claim, negotiating a proposed settlement, and coming to an agreement prior to the compensation being disbursed.


What Happens if a Settlement for a Car Accident Cannot Be Reached in NJ?


If the case is not as straightforward or if both parties cannot come to an agreed-upon settlement; then the case may need to go to litigation. In litigation, the case will be tried in court and the court will determine the outcome based on the evidence and testimony provided.


Consult a Savvy New Jersey Car Accident Lawyer to Discuss Your Case


If you or a family member has been involved in a car accident in Essex or Monmouth County, call Clark Law Firm P.C. today at 1-877-841-8855. You can also chat with us online about your case on our website. Clark Law Firm P.C. knows what goes into car accident settlements and can help guide you on how to get justice for your injuries.