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How Will My NJ Accident Lawyer Handle My Case?

After the initial meeting, or perhaps meetings, and once the retainer has been signed, your NJ accident lawyer will begin the investigation of your claim. Although each case is unique, your lawyer will typically handle your case in the following manner:

Review of some or all of the following:

  1. Police reports
  2. Witness statements
  3. Medical reports
  4. Medical bills

These reviews provide information to help determine what actually occurred, or what may be said to be the facts of your case. If some issues are less than clear-cut, your NJ accident lawyer may wish to visit the scene of the incident to provide further clarification. Additionally, if the circumstances warrant, it may be appropriate to hire an investigator to better understand the details of the incident that is the basis of your claim.

Review the applicable law

Both statutory law (that enacted by legislation) and case law (statutory law as interpreted by judges) may be applicable to your particular situation.

Contact the insurance company of the entity that caused your injuries

This is a preliminary contact to accomplish two things. First, it is necessary to ensure the insurance company has actual notice that their insured is involved in a claim. More importantly, that insurance company now realizes you are represented by a NJ accident lawyer.

Maintain contact with you as the case proceeds

It is important to realize that although you may have a strong case, there are ongoing issues to be addressed that may have a significant impact upon whether you can maintain a lawsuit and if so, the dollar value of your potential recovery. Your NJ accident attorney or personal injury lawyer will follow up with you to ensure:

  1. You are following the advice of all medical professionals who are treating you

  2. You are actively doing all you can to improve from your injury

  3. You continually provide your lawyers with all medical bills and any other expenses related to the incident, including loss of income

It is important for you to have an understanding of the process and trust your lawyers. The Clark Law Firm, PC, a team of NJ personal injury and accident lawyers, has experience in all personal injury matters, and provides a no-obligation, complimentary consultation to help you understand your rights. Call (877) 841-8855 today for an appointment.

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