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Injured in a New Jersey Construction Accident? A Newark Construction Injury Lawyer Explains What to Do

It isn’t easy to see a way forward, after the aftermath of a New Jersey construction accident. You may be dealing with pain, continued medical appointments, and an inability to return to work.

You’ve performed your work diligently and consistently for years, and the accident in which you were injured was not your fault. In situations like these, the accident victim deserves financial compensation for injuries, medical treatment, lost wages, and other losses.

Let a Newark construction injury lawyer help you sort through your options. The sad reality is that insurers will do their utmost to pay out as little as possible, leaving the innocent victim of a New Jersey construction accident to foot the bill.


Immediately After the Accident

Any seasoned Newark construction injury lawyer will advise that the steps you take in the wake of an accident can improve your chances of prevailing in a legal claim.

Immediately after the accident, call emergency responders. This will include police and EMTs who can document the accident and your injuries. The EMTs can provide on-site medical care and transport you to a hospital.

While you’re waiting for emergency personnel, and if you’re able to, take photographs of the accident scene to record any unsafe conditions or defective equipment that may have caused your accident.

It additionally is wise to try to get contact information for all witnesses on the scene. This will prove valuable as your Newark construction lawyer gathers evidence to support your claim.

After receiving medical treatment, make a request to receive copies of all medical records connected with the accident. Take all of this documentation to an experienced personal injury attorney who will know precisely how to proceed.

The Statute of Limitations on New Jersey Construction Accidents

The law provides accident victims with a predetermined window of time in which they must file a claim. Known as the statute of limitations, this law provides a timeframe of two years in which accident victims may take legal action.

Two years sounds like a long time, but when you are dealing with persistent pain, long-term medical treatment, and debilitating injuries, it can go by surprisingly quickly.

Moreover, a Newark construction accident lawyer will always advise that it makes sense to file a claim sooner rather than later. Waiting can cloud the memories of witnesses, and it is not unusual for some documentation to get lost. Acting quickly gives your attorney the best opportunity to gather all of the evidence that supports your case.

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