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First Interview with Your Attorney in a Mental or Emotional Injury Case

The Process for the First Interview with a Plaintiff’s Attorney in a Mental and Emotional Injury Case

If you have experienced a mental or emotional injury, it is very important you are able to talk comfortably with a knowledgeable New Jersey accident attorney about what you are experiencing. Also, keep in mind that your previous mental health state will be relevant to an emotional injury case.

When one sustains emotional injuries, the legal standard to judge whether an injury occurred, is not whether the average person would be affected by the incident. Rather, the situation is evaluated specific to you and your background. Would you, given your background, likely be emotionally harmed by the events? Obviously, the event that occurred was traumatic. Is there something in your past that makes this event even more damaging to you than someone else because of trauma in your history? You have a right to be compensated for your current emotional injuries. In fact, persons with traumatic backgrounds are actually more likely to recover for their current emotional injuries, than those persons who have no emotionally significant events in their history.

To this end, it will be important that you are able to discuss with your New Jersey accident attorney your history and background of mental and physical traumas, including those that occurred in childhood. Understandably, some of this information is very personal and private. However, it is essential to discuss such things with your New Jersey accident attorney in order for your lawyer to prepare the best case possible for you to recover for your emotional damages. Know that anything you say to your New Jersey accident attorney pertaining to your case will be kept confidential.

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