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Items to Maintain and Bring to Your New Jersey Accident Law Firm Attorney

A separate daily list of how the accident has affected your life.  Keep track of the things that you can do but which cause pain, as well as the things that you cannot do now.  Describe the presence or absence of pain during your day and include any embarrassing incidents that occur because of your injury.  Keep your entries short and concise.  Because you New Jersey accident law firm attorney may allow this list to be made available to the other side, record something every day that your life is affected.

Items or medical appliances that have been prescribed or advised by your physician.   This includes all potential exhibits such as crutches, prostheses, braces and supports.  Save all prescription pill bottles, even empty ones.  When discussing a settlement, sometimes a pile of pill bottles carries more weight than words.  However, if these bottles are discarded, it will not be possible to use them as an exhibit that causes people to really think about and understand your pain.

Photographs of your injuries.  A picture often speaks louder than words as well.

A list of any suspicious activity you observe.  You may have been placed under surveillance by independent investigators who might make movies, videotapes and photographs of you.  You should be mindful of your activities and actions at all times.

Health insurance policies that may document payment of medical bills.  These records will not be kept by your New Jersey accident law firm attorney because he is not handling the collection of your private or government health insurance benefits.  Nevertheless, your attorney needs to know if there is a clause in your policy stating that the insurance company is reimbursed from your settlement for any payments made for your medical expenses.

A copy of your last year’s tax return. 

A record of your earnings before and after the accident occurred.  This may include wage statements or payroll check stubs.

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