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Keeping a Personal Injury Journal

Journal entries that document your accident and injuries can serve as valuable pieces of evidence in a personal injury case. Qualified NJ accident attorneys can assist you in developing a useful personal injury journal.

Describing How Pain and Discomfort Affect You

The objective of a personal injury diary or journal is straightforward. It should contain an accurate and comprehensive description of how the injuries, pain and discomfort you have sustained have influenced your everyday activities. You should describe in the journal entries the way you feel from the moment you first awake, through the course of your typical day, and all the way until you go to sleep night.

Explain how your pain and injuries have affected, modified, or altered how you live your life. Some days will be better than others, and your journal should accurately document these “good days,” as well as the bad days. Never embellish or fabricate your entries. Make sure all contents in the journal are accurate, detailed and most importantly, completely truthful.

The law acknowledges your right of recovery from pain and suffering. Therefore, how your pain, suffering, and injuries have affected your disposition, emotional stability, job performance, and even the state of your marriage, are particularly important and relevant to your lawsuit. The law also recognizes a cause of action taken in response to the detrimental effects the injuries may have on marital relations, which is known as “claim for loss of consortium.”

Describing Your Pain

Describe your pain and suffering in your journal entry using your own words. Write your diary entries every day as if you were not intending to use it as part of a litigation process. Record the way you feel now and how you felt at the scene of the accident, during your hospital stay, and generally throughout a given day the diary is kept.

If you were recently injured in an accident, you should not wait around to hire a personal injury attorney. Call the law offices of Gerald Clark today at (877) 841-8855 for a free consultation.

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