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Lawsuit Compensation for DuPont Workers Shortchanged on the BeneFlex Vacation Buying Program

If you worked at DowDuPont, Dow, DuPont de Nemours or Corteva and bought into the Vacation Buying Program, you may be entitled to compensation


The Clark Law Firm, PC is investigating potential lawsuit claims on behalf of employees of DowDuPont, Dow, DuPont de Nemours and Corteva who participated in their “BeneFlex” Vacation Buying Program.  Our investigation has shown employees who participated in the Vacation Buying Program and who worked overtime, may not have been paid at the correct rate.  Workers who participated in the program were deducted up to a week’s salary calculated off their regular rate plus overtime, but when they were paid back for the time off, they were paid at their regular rate.  Thus numerous DuPont workers were potentially stiffed hundreds or thousands of dollars in overtime pay.

If you think this may have happened to you or your family, contact the Clark Law Firm today for a free consultation.  You may be entitled to up to three times the amount of pay you were shortchanged.  If we take your case it will be entirely on contingency, meaning you will not owe us anything unless we recover for you.  In fact, you may not have to pay us any fee because the law provides for fee shifting against the employer if we win.

The Clark Law Firm is currently investigating potential wage and hour violations in connection with current and former employees working overtime at DowDuPont, Dow, DuPont de Nemours, and Corteva from 2014 to present.  Since 2014, DuPont offered certain workers the right to participate in a Vacation Pre-Buy Program (also known as a “Vacation Buying Program”).  After the dismantling of DowDuPont (the former combination of Dow Chemical and E.I. du Pont de Nemours) it is believed that each of the subsequent companies formed continued this Vacation Buying Program.

This plan allowed employees to purchase additional paid-time-off and was funded through deductions on an employee’s check. The amount to be taken out of each check was allegedly calculated by adding an employee’s base rate and overtime rate from the year prior. However, when an employee went to use this purchased paid-time-off, the employer allegedly only paid back the base rate. The difference, the amount of overtime worked by the employee, was allegedly being absorbed by the employer.

If you or a loved one was an employee at Dow Chemical, E.I. du Pont de Nemours, DowDuPont, Dow, DuPont de Nemours or Corteva from the years 2020 to present at any facility in the United States, you may be entitled to compensation equal to three times (3x) the amount owed to you. If you or a loved one believes that your pay may have been wrongly withheld from you, please contact the lawyers at the Clark Law Firm, P.C. to further discuss your potential case as you may be part of a larger class of wronged workers. The attorneys of the Clark Law Firm are here for you. The team of experienced attorneys have been fighting for wronged workers, like you, for decades and are no strangers to litigation against these kind of companies.

To help you understand if there is a potential case, please consider the following:

  • Are you over the age of 18?
  • Are you or were you an employee at one of the above-named companies?
  • Have you or did you elect to use the Vacation Buying Program?
  • Have your or did you work overtime for your employer?

It will cost you nothing up front to hire us. We work on a contingency-fee basis, which means we only get paid if you get paid. To discuss matters further about your possible employment lawsuit case, please call us or contact us here today.

If you or a loved one believe your current or former employer has a similar program in place which may be taking money from you, please do not hesitate to contact our office to discuss your potential employment case.  We are investigating claims for DuPont workers throughout the United States.

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