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Making a Good Impression in Your Deposition

If you are required to attend a deposition for your personal injury case, your N.J. personal injury attorneys will help you prepare for the event by explaining the type of questions you will be asked and the nature of the proceeding. Depositions are taken under oath and in the presence of a transcriptionist, but are usually done in a conference room or other similar space, not a courtroom. Making a good impression in your deposition can help enhance your credibility and believability and you should always answer each question with complete candor.


One of the most common goals of a cross-examination is to elicit testimony that is inconsistent testimony taken at prior proceedings. Since the deposition is sworn and recorded, your answers at a deposition will be compared to those given in earlier interrogatories. Do not stretch the truth, exaggerate or hold information back as this could suggest insincerity or that you are trying to hide something.


Proper appearance at the deposition may seem like a minor detail, but it can really leave an impression on the opponent – good or bad. Try to dress professionally; business casual attire is appropriate. Arrive on time to your deposition and come prepared to answer questions. You should treat the deposition as a practice run-through for the real trial and dress as if you were attending a job interview.


As you respond to questions, make certain that your answers are clear and audible. If the examiner asks a compound question, ask him to rephrase the question such that your response could not be misinterpreted across multiple inquiries. If you did not hear a question or do not understand what the examiner is asking, say so. Do not assume what you heard and provide an answer unresponsive to the question posed. This could lead to disastrous results in the subsequent trial.

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