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Monsanto Roundup Lawsuit

Monsanto (now Bayer) has been hit with multiple lawsuits linking their weed killer Roundup linked to the development of non-Hodgkin lymphoma and other forms of cancer. Monsanto Roundup weed killer is designated as a probable human carcinogen by the International Agency for Research on Cancer. Farmers, farmworkers, landscapers, gardeners, and others who use Roundup weed killer are at risk.

Some of the first lawsuits brought against Monsanto Roundup have already been completed.

  1.  Johnson v. Monsanto began on 6/18/18 and ended on 8/10/2018 with a $289M verdict, later reduced to $78M. (First ever trial/CA state trial)
  2.  Hardeman v. Monsanto began on 2/25/2019 and ended on 3/27/2019 with an $80M verdict, later reduced to $25.2M. (First federal trial)
  3.  Pilliod et al., v. Monsanto – began on 3/28/2019 and ended on 5/13/2019 with a $2.055 billion verdict, later reduced to $86.7M. (First CA JCCP trial)

If you or a family member was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma after exposure to Roundup weed killer and would like more information about whether you have a potential Roundup lawsuit, please contact Clark Law Firm today.

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