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Neptune Township Premises Liability Lawyer Discusses Liability in Apartment Complexes

Millions of Garden State residents live in apartment complexes across New Jersey. New Jersey residents are not only injured in automobile accidents or construction sites, but they can also be injured and their apartment complex. When it comes to premises liability and apartment complexes it is important to understand New Jersey law and who is liable for the injuries. If you have been injured in or around your apartment complex call Clark Law Firm to speak to a Neptune Township premises liability lawyer.

Neptune Township Premises Liability Lawyer

What Does Premises Liability in Apartment Complexes Refer to?


In the state of New Jersey. landlords as well as property management companies have to make sure that their property is relatively safe for their tenants as well as any guests that may be visiting the property. It is their responsibility to make sure that common areas are kept clean and if someone is mopping the floor there is signage to notify people of a wet floor. It also means that the property must be maintained so that the amenities are hazard-free.


What Are the Responsibilities of the Landlord and Property Management Company to Ensure Tenant Safety?


Landlords have to make sure that timely repairs are made to things like broken doors, and leaking roofs. Also, any electrical or plumbing issues must be resolved promptly.


Landlords in New Jersey also have to make sure that they are providing reasonable security measures to protect tenants from potential crimes. Some precautions that they may have to take are to make sure that there is proper lighting in the hallways and staircases and that any doors to and from the building as well as residence apartments are secure.


Furthermore, if a tenant notifies a landlord of a potential hazard, the landlord must rectify the hazard in a timely manner, or they could be held liable if something bad were to happen.


A tip for renters is to make sure that you are not only verbally notifying your landlord of any dangers or hazards within the property but you’re also putting it in writing. By putting it in writing you have proof in case they do not fix the issue in a timely manner.


Check out the recent episode of Jersey Justice™ Podcast where Jerry and Mark discuss premises liability and apartment complexes below:


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Smoke Detectors and Fire Alarms Must be in Working Order and Tested Regularly


Another responsibility of landlords and property management companies and to ensure that smoke detectors work properly and that the fire alarms go off as they are supposed to.


Apartment Complexes Must Also Make Sure That They Are Following Building Codes and Regulations


New Jersey property management companies and landlords must ensure that the building is up to code and if any inspections are failed that they are taking prompt action to fix those issues. One example of an issue can be if the inspector came out to test the pool and they found that it was not up to code then they would have to shut the pool down until they resolve the issues and can get the inspector to come out again and give them authority to reopen.


What Are Some Types of Injuries and Accidents That Can Occur in Apartment Complexes in New Jersey?


Especially in cities on the East Coast where snowy and icy conditions are prevalent, slip and fall accidents are common. Furthermore, an uneven staircase or floor can also cause someone to have they fall down accident. This guide on winter weather hazards may be useful in preparing for adverse weather conditions.


Other accidents that may occur in an apartment complex could be that someone may get injured because of broken gym equipment. Additionally, if an elevator malfunctions and drops to the floor that would be another example of how a resident may get injured.


Do Injured Tenants in New Jersey Have the Right to Seek Compensation for Their Landlord’s Negligence?


In New Jersey, tenants do have the right to consult an injury lawyer if they have been injured because of the negligence of their landlord. It is important to know what to do if you have been injured at your apartment building or complex. A knowledgeable premises liability lawyer will be able to determine if you can seek compensation for your injuries.

Take These Steps If You Have Been Injured in Your Apartment Building in NJ


It is important to report the injury to your property manager or landlord and make sure that they officially document what happened and how you were injured. It is also critical to gather any evidence such as photos of the hazard and your injuries.


If there were any witnesses around when the incident happened, then it is a good idea to get their full names and contact information. Furthermore, take note of if there were any security cameras where the incident happened; security camera footage can help you build your case.


Once you have followed the steps above, consult a Neptune Township premises liability lawyer who can access your case and guide you on the next steps.


Get the Legal Guidance You Need to Seek Compensation for Your Injuries


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