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New Brunswick Construction Accident Lawyer Shares How to Handle Construction Injury Cases in NJ

Workplace injuries are always serious matters, but they are particularly so when the injury occurs on a construction site. Working with vehicles, heavy machinery, scaffolding, toxic chemicals, and other hazards makes construction sites the scenes of appalling accidents on a too-frequent basis.

Most of the injury cases in NJ could be helped if the injured party took certain steps in the immediate aftermath of the incident. If the injured party is unable to do so, then a witness to the accident can take care of some of these things.

As a New Brunswick construction accident lawyer, it’s impossible to overstate the importance of preserving certain evidence immediately after an injury occurs. Doing so can strengthen a workplace injury claim against a negligent party.

What to Do If You’re Injured on a Construction Site

You may be in pain and shock in the moments after an accident that caused you an injury, but it’s advisable to keep your wits about you. This will enable you to take critical steps that preserve evidence for an eventual claim in court.

If you’re not able to photograph the site or collect witness statements because of your injury, then ask someone else at the site to perform these tasks.

Medical attention is the first order of business after an accident that causes an injury. Prompt attention from a doctor can prevent injuries from becoming worse or turning lethal. Remember that your health is the foremost consideration.

The accident needs to be immediately reported to your employer and other responsible parties on the job site. This will get the ball rolling on a workers’ compensation claim.

New Brunswick Construction Accident Lawyer Shares How to Handle Construction Injury Cases in NJ

Workers’ Compensation Rarely Is Enough

This insurance covers lost wages and medical bills, but it does nothing for pain and suffering. Moreover, the cost of treatment for injury cases in NJ frequently outstrips what workers’ compensation covers. This means that you will need the assistance of a New Brunswick construction accident lawyer.

Injury cases in NJ frequently are the fault of more than one party. It is the job of your attorney to determine all of the factors that contributed to your injury. Accordingly, it’s possible that there is a party that is not your employer that is partially or wholly at fault for your injuries. In these circumstances, it is appropriate to sue for damages.

Ask a New Brunswick Construction Accident Lawyer

The aftermath of a construction accident can be incredibly confusing and painful. It is virtually impossible for the injured victim to immediately understand the entire situation and all of the factors that may have contributed to the accident.

This is why it is always wise to work with an attorney throughout injury cases in NJ. With the support of a legal professional, a full investigation can be made, and the parties that were responsible for the accident can be held to account.

Initial consultations with a New Brunswick construction accident lawyer at the Clark Law Firm P.C. are always complimentary. Contact us at 1-877-841-8855 to schedule an appointment or via our chat feature.