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New Brunswick Fall-Down Injury Lawyer Discusses Fall Down Injuries at NJ Restaurants

Restaurants in Middlesex County are high-traffic areas for all the people that come in and out on an hourly basis. High-traffic areas at restaurants can be a hazard for spilled drinks and foreign objects that may contribute to fall-down injuries.  If you were injured in a fall-down injury at a restaurant in Middlesex County, contact our New Brunswick fall-down injury lawyer at 1-877-841-8855 to determine if you have a case against the restaurant. New Jersey restaurants, establishments, and retailers have a responsibility to maintain a safe environment for all their patrons.


What You Should Know About Premises Liability Pertaining to Restaurant Fall-Down Injuries


It is the responsibility of the restaurant and its employees to ensure that they are maintaining a safe environment for their restaurant-goers.  This means that they should be aware of any potential hazards and do their best to ensure that their restaurant is safe for its patrons.

New Brunswick Fall-Down Injury Lawyer

Potential Hazards at Restaurants in Middlesex County


Restaurant patrons may come to the restaurant with items such as umbrellas and strollers. These items pose a hazard when they cause someone to fall and trip over them. In addition, when tables are placed too close together and there’s not enough room for people to walk through comfortably it can cause them to trip over objects that are on the floor. These types of objects may include shopping bags, purses, children’s toys, and any other items that obstruct walkways in a restaurant.


The restaurant employees should identify potential hazards and ask the patrons to move items such as packages, bags, umbrellas, and strollers so that they are not obstructing walkways or posing a danger to other patrons.


What Steps Do You Need to Take to Protect Yourself After a Fall Down Injury at a New Jersey Restaurant?


In any type of injury, seeking immediate medical attention should always be the priority.  Particularly with fall-down injuries, it is best to get checked out by a physician or emergency room doctor.  You may have broken your leg or wrist or injured any other parts of your body, but only a doctor can determine the extent of your injuries.


The next step is to file an incident report with the restaurant.  Usually, the restaurant manager can handle this, but if they are out, there should be an assistant manager or supervisor that can assist you with getting this report filed.


Make sure that you gather any evidence you will need to support your case.  You can gather evidence by taking pictures of where you fell and what may have caused your fall.  Furthermore, if there were witnesses that saw you fall, make sure you get their contact information in case you need to support your case.


Consult a New Brunswick Injury Attorney Who Can Help You Get Justice for Your Injuries


Next, it is best to consult a Middlesex County fall-down attorney who can assess your case and help you protect your rights under New Jersey Law.  Call Clark Law Firm P.C. to speak to a New Brunswick fall-down lawyer today at 1-877-841-8855 or submit your inquiry via our online chat option.


While you are in the process of retaining an NJ injury lawyer and getting treated for your injuries, you should also make sure you keep records of your hospital treatments and bills.  If you have questions about the steps to take directly after being injured in a fall-down accident, we are here to assist!