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New Brunswick Workplace Injury Lawyers Share Workplace Injuries During the Holidays

The holiday season is always a busy time in New Jersey. The holiday season brings uncontrollable factors that may contribute to workplace injuries.  The New Brunswick workplace injury lawyers at Clark Law Firm, P.C. share three factors that may contribute to workplace injuries during the holiday season and major holidays.

Increased Traffic

Increased traffic can pertain to increased traffic on the roads as well as increased foot traffic in department stores, restaurants, and other business and social establishments.  If a store is understaffed, they may not be able to clean up a spill in time to prevent another worker or customer from falling.  Increased traffic on the roads during the holidays is normal. Many people may be driving home for the holidays or taking a family road trip or even regional travel for a business trip.

Traffic jams and extreme weather conditions can leave Middlesex County residents on edge.  Harsh winter storms and icy roads can lead to car accidents or even a slip and fall while crossing the street to get to work.  Floors inside businesses may also be wet and slippery due to workers and customers bringing in weather elements such as snow and rain.


Stressed Out and Overworked Workers

Some workers may be required to take on additional shifts or hours to cover a shift for a co-worker that may be on vacation or out sick with the flu.  If an overworked worker fails to follow standard safety guidelines, that could result in a work injury.  Another co-worker may be impacted due to the over-exerted co-workers’ negligence.

Temporary and Seasonal Workers

The holiday season also brings temporary and seasonal workers.  These workers may have less training than a more seasoned worker and one wrong judgment call could lead to someone getting injured at a department store, restaurant, or other establishments.

Let’s suppose a temporary worker failed to display warning signs to indicate wet floors and a store worker slipped and broke their wrist; this could result in a workplace injury.  The injured party should report the incident to their supervisor and consult a workplace injury attorney.

Were You Injured at Work During the Holidays in Middlesex County?

Clark Law Firm P.C. can help injured workers with their personal injury case by providing legal guidance and counsel.  Call Clark Law Firm today at 1-877-841-8855 and speak to one of our knowledgeable New Brunswick workplace injury lawyers.  Our injury lawyers can also provide you with the statute of limitations for reporting a workplace injury in New Jersey. You can also fill out our form here to request a callback.