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New Jersey Accident Attorneys Explain How Factors Related to Your Medical Treatment Impact the Value of Your Case

At the Clark Law Firm, PC our New Jersey accident attorneys have spent countless hours negotiating with insurance adjusters. We know, from hard-earned experience, that insurance adjusters lowball injury claims from the outset and must be persuaded of the true value of a claim in order for the claimant to receive full and fair compensation. Two factors related to your medical treatment may play a large role in the insurance company’s valuation of your case: your medical bills and the quality of the medical information you provide in support of those bills.

Your medical bills

The medical bills sent to your health insurance provider are often times the best indicator of the nature and severity of your injuries; those bills are the primary factor driving most settlement negotiations. If your medical bills reflect care related to the accident and demonstrate that you were, in fact, injured, the adjuster is more likely to make a reasonable offer. If, on the other hand, your medical bills reflect treatment unrelated to your case and consist largely of inconclusive diagnostic tests (e.g., negative X-ray, CAT scan, or MRI results), the adjuster is likely to stick close to his initial, lowball offer.

The nature of your treatment also is important. Do your medical bills reflect treatment in the emergency room; an extended hospital stay; surgery; treatment by an M.D. or treatment by a chiropractor; treatment with over-the-counter medication or prescription medication?

The quality of documentation supporting your medical bills

Your medical bills should be supported by medical records, including emergency room records, hospital records, doctors’ reports, etc. The quality of these records is often key to establishing the value of your case. Three issues are critical:

  • Are your injuries well-documented?
  • Are your medical records complete?
  • Are your doctors’ opinions firm and well-stated?

For example, a written report from your treating doctor that provides a detailed and considered description of the nature and severity of your injuries may be much more persuasive to the adjuster than a set of illegible notes obviously written in haste. Likewise, detailed nurses’ notes or physical therapy records will better serve your case than a fill-in-the-blank form prepared for an insurance company.

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At the Clark Law Firm, PC our experienced New Jersey accident attorneys know how to speak the language of the insurance adjuster. We know what information the adjuster needs, and how to present that information in a compelling and persuasive manner. If you would like to speak with us to discuss your legal options, please call the Clark Law Firm, PC today at 877-841-8855 to schedule a free initial consultation.

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