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New Jersey Dog Bite Lawyers Explain How Dog Bite Liability Works in NJ

Residents in “The Garden State” love spending time with their dogs! For many people, dogs offer love and companionship. For others, they get a dog to feel more protected if they live alone in an apartment or house.  Even if these beloved pet dogs are sweet and endearing to their owners this is not always the case with strangers. Dog bites can occur in various locations throughout the New Jersey area. Someone may be bitten at an outdoor dog park, or a public festival or simply walking down the street. It is important to understand how dog bite liability works in New Jersey. Below, New Jersey dog bite lawyers share what you need to know about liability in dog bite cases.  If you have questions about liability in a dog bite case in NJ, contact Clark Law Firm P.C. today at 1-877-841-8855.

New Jersey Dog Bite Lawyers

Understanding “The New Jersey Strict Liability Statute for Dog Bites”


Before we even dive into where the dog bite occurred; it is important to understand New Jersey laws pertaining to dog bites.


The state of New Jersey has a strict liability statute for dog bites what this means is that the owner of a dog is liable for any injuries caused by their dog; regardless of if the dog has knowledge of regardless of if the owner has knowledge of the dog being aggressive or not.


The statute states that in New Jersey dogs are not allowed “one free bite” and dog owners will be held liable if their dog bites another person or child. The only caveat to this would be if the animal was provoked then there might be a little bit of a different scenario to consider.

Is a Dog Owner Liable for their Dog Biting Someone in Public in New Jersey?


In New Jersey, dog owners are liable for their dog biting someone in public. Public places could be at a dog park, an amusement center, an outdoor festival, or a concert, walking down the street, or any other public domain.

Is a Dog Owner Responsible for Their Dog Biting Someone in Their Home or a Private Setting?


Can a dog owner be held liable if their dog bites someone who is a guest in their home in New Jersey? The short answer is “yes” the dog owner can be held liable if their dog bites someone at their home or residence.


The dog could attack a familiar face that comes over to visit their owner. Dog attacks are not limited to dogs attacking strangers that they do now know or recognize.

What is the Liability of the Dog Owner to Keep Others Safe?


In public places such as dog parks, dog owners are required to have their dogs on a leash unless they are in a designated off-leash area. It is the responsibility of the pet owner to control their dog and to restrain their pet from attacking other people.  This means being attentive and having the dog on a leash.  A distracted dog owner who is on their phone and has their dog running around without a leash is putting themselves at risk for liability and compromising the safety of others.


What Are Some Measures That Dog Owners Can Take to Keep Others Safe?


Many dog owners in New Jersey send their dogs to obedience training as young puppies so that they can have a trained dog that will not show aggressive tendencies toward others. Obedience training also fosters a pet who is more likely to listen to commands from its owner; therefore, if the dog is being aggressive the owner can command it to “stop.”


Furthermore, if a dog owner recognizes that their dog or their type of dog breed is an aggressive one; they might consider getting a muzzle so that can help keep innocent children and bystanders safe.

How Can Dog Owners Keep Their Guests Safe When They Have Company Over


As a NJ dog owner, you can place your dog in the backyard or a separate room if you know that you are having a party or having a couple of guests coming over. This can ensure that your guests will feel safe and that any dog attacks can be prevented. Furthermore, if you know that your friend who is coming over is afraid of dogs; it is imperative to secure the pet in another area of the home or apartment so that your guests feel safe.


Were You Injured by a Dog Bite in Essex or Monmouth County?


If you were injured by a dog bite in the New Jersey area, contact Clark Law Firm P.C. at 1-877 841-8855 to speak to one of our New Jersey dog bite lawyers. You can also chat with us about your injuries online via our chat feature to start the process of getting justice for your injuries.