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A New Jersey Injury Attorney Discusses Shoulder Pain Pump Litigation

Once touted as a surefire way to reduce recovery time and avoid the possible side effects of traditional pain management, shoulder pain pumps have come under increasing fire for the potential for cartilage deterioration in areas surrounding the implantation. As a New Jersey injury attorney, we have discussed this plight with a number of our clients, particularly athletes, who describe being able to use the shoulder for a short period of time before the joint feels “dead” and is no longer usable.

A New Jersey injury attorney has been integral in commencing lawsuits against the makers of shoulder pain pumps for failing to warn patients and doctors of the potential for danger. If you are one of the thousands of victims of shoulder pain pumps and would like to discuss your options, we encourage you to meet with a New Jersey injury attorney right away.

I’ve heard there are ongoing pain pump cases in other states. Can a New Jersey injury lawyer help me?
Absolutely. Shoulder pain pumps were introduced in the 1990s and, for a number of years, were heralded by orthopedists and physical therapists alike as the best alternative to harsh pain medication. Beginning in 2006, reports began to surface that the device, which is surgically implanted in the shoulder and designed to release pain medication every so often, could potentially lead to the development of a condition known as chondrolysis, which causes the death of surrounding cartilage. If this condition sounds familiar to you, a New Jersey injury lawyer may be the best person to help you potentially receive adequate compensation for your injuries and necessary subsequent surgeries.

As your New Jersey lawyer will explain, the FDA has allegedly issued a warning about shoulder pain pumps. It explained that, in otherwise young and healthy patients, an alarming number of shoulder and joint patients with the onset of chondrolysis had undergone surgeries and received the pain pump. Your New Jersey injury attorney may also explain that the typical onset of this condition occurs 7-8 months post-operation and orthopedic professionals have since been warned to use caution when implanting this device in a patient who recently endured shoulder surgery.

Contact a New Jersey injury lawyer today
If you have developed symptoms you believe to be condrolysis, a New Jersey injury attorney may be able to help you through the litigation process. There are currently over 150 active pain pump lawsuits, and juries have allegedly been awarding verdicts in the millions of dollars. To speak with a New Jersey injury attorney today, call Gerald H. Clark at (732) 443-0333.

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