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Mistakes That Reduce Your Case’s Value

Unfortunately, certain plaintiff conduct can significantly reduce your case’s value. Your New Jersey personal injury attorneys will likely advise you as to the pitfalls to avoid while you prepare for your case. Certain situations could result in a reduction of your case value.


(a). Conviction of a criminal offense relating to propensity for truthfulness. Not all prior convictions are admissible at trial, but the judge may allow certain convictions related to your propensity to tell the truth. The judge must allow evidence of a prior conviction for perjury.

(b). Contact with witnesses on either side of the case that could impact your credibility. If you must exchange information with a witness, you should go through your New Jersey personal injury attorneys.

(c). Failure to keep proper documentation of your injuries or expenses.

(d). Failure to uphold your duty to mitigate the damages. This means that you have a duty not to do anything to make your physical or financial injuries worse and to take necessary steps to procure medical treatment. This also includes a failure to follow doctor’s orders or take your prescription medications.

(e). Failure to follow procedure and proper conduct in your workplace.

(f). Failure to keep your attorneys advised of material changes in your employment status or the status of your medical treatment if you are unable to work.

(g). Revelation of private, privileged information to those not involved in the case or, even worse, to those playing a role in the case as a witness or opponent. Always go through your New Jersey personal injury attorneys if you need to communicate facts about your case to others.

What is Privileged Communication?

Privileged communication is any discussion between you and your attorney, made with an understanding of confidentiality, in private, for purposes of legal representation. This includes emails, phone calls and written communication. Conversations made in a crowded elevator or restaurant are not privileged as they are not private.

Need a Lawyer?

If you have further questions about the personal injury litigation process and would like to speak to experienced New Jersey personal injury attorneys, contact attorney Gerald Clark today: 877-841-8855.

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