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Newark, New Jersey Workplace Injury Lawyers Share the History of Workplace Injuries

Episode 2 of Jersey Justice Podcast Show Notes: Newark, New Jersey Workplace Injury Lawyers Share the History of Workplace Injuries

Jersey Justice Podcast Show Notes: Newark, New Jersey Workplace Injury Law

In episode 2 of Jersey Justice Podcast, Clark Law Firm P.C. lawyers Gerald H. Clark and Mark W. Morris discuss the history of workplace injuries.

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Workers Faced Dangerous Work Conditions Due to Lack of Laws and Regulations During the Industrial Revolution


The Industrial Revolution at the turn of the 19th century saw a shift in the American economy from farming to cities and industry, but without any regulations in place to prevent workplace injuries.


Back in the day, workers were faced with horrible and dangerous work conditions. Luckily in 2023, there are laws and regulations in place to protect workers.


The History of Events that Led to the OHSA Act Being Passed in the United States


In this episode of Jersey Justice podcast, Jerry spoke of two different events that led to laws being passed in the United States.


The first was the book The Jungle by Upton Sinclair, which exposed horrific conditions in food factories and led to laws and regulations to ensure that food was safe.


The second thing that Jerry spoke about was the Triangle Shirt Waist Factory incident, which took place in the fashion district of Manhattan.


In this incident, hundreds of people died due to the doors being locked to the stairwells. This tragedy led to the Occupational Health and Safety Act being signed into law by President Nixon in 1970, which was intended to provide safe working conditions for workers in the United States.


Mark and Dimple remembered learning about the incident in school and recalled the story of the people being trapped and unable to get out.


The Importance of Workplace Safety Regulations in America


This Jersey Justice podcast episode focused on the topic of workplace safety regulations and the OSHA Workplace Safety Law. Jerry and Mark discussed how regulations can be beneficial, such as ensuring planes are safe and protecting workers on construction sites.


They shared that OSHA Law covers all parts of a construction site, including rules regarding ladders, scaffolds, walking surfaces, and trenches.


This episode highlights the importance of workplace safety regulations and how they can protect workers and members of the public who come into contact with construction sites. Safety is such an important factor in the construction industry.  They shared that the responsibility typically lies with the general contractor to enforce job site safety rules.


OSHA and other safety organizations have set standards that must be met, such as providing fall protection for workers.


When Contractors Sub-Contract Out Work and Opt for the Cheapest Bid, Workers’ Safety is Compromised


Unfortunately, safety is compromised when subcontractors are hired based on who can bid the cheapest and without regard to workers’ safety. Prioritizing the lowest bids over worker safety is one reason workplace accidents happen.  Jerry referred to this as a “race to the bottom.” Contractors must ensure that their subcontractors follow safety rules and that workers are properly trained regarding safety guidelines and best practices.  Workers should also have the right to share concerns about workplace safety without the fear of retaliation such as getting fired or kicked off the job site and not being able to feed their families.


Episode 2 of Jersey Justice Podcast Timestamps


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Discussion of Construction Cases and OSHA Violations



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