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Newark NJ Construction Accident Law Firm Shares 6 Types of Work Accidents

Every day New Jersey construction workers risk their lives so that we can live in apartment complexes, skyscrapers, and work out of corporate offices. Even though the construction industry is regulated by OSHA and there are strict rules and regulations to follow; construction accidents still happen. Furthermore, not all contractors follow the rules and many times their negligence may cause an innocent construction worker to become injured.  A Newark NJ construction accident law firm shares what causes accidents on a construction job site and some common types of job site accidents.

Newark NJ Construction Accident Law Firm

Failure to Provide Proper PPE Equipment to Construction Workers and Labor Workers in New Jersey


Contractors and project managers are required to supply construction and labor workers with the proper PPE equipment including gloves, protective shoes, goggles, and much more. It is also their responsibility to make sure that existing and new workers are trained properly on how to handle equipment and are aware of how to handle an emergency.  When workers are not trained properly on safety, the results can be catastrophic.


Falls from Scaffolding and Heights Have Injured Construction Workers in New Jersey


Another type of construction site accident pertains to scaffolding fall accidents. Clark Law Firm P.C. has years of experience handling these types of cases. A common theme in some of these cases is that the contractors are trying to cut corners on safety in order to cut back on their budget; unfortunately, the consequences can be deadly.


In one incident that we recently shared on our show: Jersey Justice Podcast™, we shared how a scaffolding pole was too close to a power line, and that caused two workers to die as a result. The shocking part was that the contractors did not rectify the situation even the day after this happened.  Tune in to the episode below to get the full story of what went wrong.


or Listen to the Episode Below:


Faulty or Outdated Equipment Can Malfunction and Cause a Construction Site Accident in NJ


Another common occurrence in construction sites that may cause accidents is construction equipment that may malfunction. It is imperative that machinery and equipment are tested on a regular basis. If equipment is outdated or not working properly it should be replaced in a timely manner or not be used at all to protect construction workers.


 Determine if a Third-Party Had Anything to Do With Your Construction Accident


Occasionally construction site accidents may be caused by a third party. In this instance, it has nothing to do with anything that the construction worker did or didn’t do. More so, it has something to do with what the third party may have done or not done that contributed to the accident. Don’t assume, consult a NJ construction accident lawyer to determine what may have contributed to your accident


Construction Site Trench Collapse Accidents in New Jersey


Another type of construction site accident to be aware of in New Jersey has to do with trench collapses. If trenches are not properly secured, they can cave in causing workers to become trapped.


Construction Workers Need to Watch Out for Falling Objects and Materials


Another common type of accident in New Jersey construction job sites has to do with workers being struck by a falling object. It is common in construction sites to have machinery drop materials from heights and operate machinery to lift heavy equipment up and down.


Unfortunately, equipment may also malfunction and may cause a nearby worker to be injured by a swinging falling, or rolling object.


These are just some examples of things that may contribute to construction site accidents and injuries in New Jersey.


Injured While Working on a Construction Site in Essex or Monmouth County?


Call Clark Law Firm P.C., a Newark NJ Construction Accident Law Firm that has years of experience representing injured construction workers in New Jersey.  If you or a loved one was injured at work, call today at 1-877-841-8855 to speak to a Newark NJ construction accident lawyer. You can also chat with us online via our chat feature on our website.