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Newark Scaffolding Fall Injury Lawyer Shares Scaffolding Accident Causes and Prevention

A Newark scaffolding fall injury lawyer shares what factors may contribute to scaffolding fall accidents and what can be done to prevent these types of accidents in New Jersey. Any major construction project probably involves the use of scaffolding in NJ.  Scaffolding is used to support workers by providing them with access to higher-up or hard-to-reach parts of a construction project.  A scaffolding fall injury lawyer from Clark Law Firm P.C. shares some common causes of scaffolding accidents in New Jersey and some prevention tips.


The best way to avoid a scaffolding fall accident in Essex or Monmouth Counties is to proactively take action to prevent these types of accidents.

Newark Scaffolding Fall Accident Lawyer

5 Ways to Prevent Scaffolding Fall Accidents and Injuries in New Jersey


Provide Thorough Training to Construction Workers


Construction project employers are responsible for providing proper training and enforcing OSHA standards within their workplace. Furthermore, training should be provided in a language that the workers can understand.  So, if there are many workers who primarily speak Spanish, it would be ideal to provide safety training in Spanish so that all workers have been trained appropriately.


Proper Installation of Scaffolding Equipment is Key


How scaffolding equipment is installed plays a huge role in workplace safety and keeping scaffolding workers safe.  It is imperative to inspect for damaged or faulty equipment.  It is also important to install safety guardrails in scaffolding and ensure that the scaffolding equipment is safely secured prior to use.


Avoid Overloading Scaffolding Equipment to Avoid it Collapsing!


Workers and construction team leaders should avoid placing heavy equipment on the scaffolding.  Furthermore, avoid having too many workers at a time on one scaffolding.  Scaffolding is only designed to hold a certain weight and overloading it may lead to a scaffolding collapse.


Conduct Regular Inspections for Scaffolding Equipment 


Adhere to regular inspections to ensure that the equipment is safe to use and if it does require any repairs; it is important to refrain from using that specific equipment until the repairs have been made.


Avoid Working in Adverse Weather Conditions


Adverse weather conditions such as high winds, rain, snow, and sleet can create dangerous work conditions for workers.  These weather conditions may cause scaffolding to become slippery and increase the chances of a scaffolding accident. It is recommended to prioritize the safety of your workers over the deadline of the project.


What Causes Scaffolding Accident Falls in New Jersey?


The same factors that can be used to prevent scaffolding accidents are also the same factors that cause accidents when “prevention guidelines and tips” are not followed.


Failure to properly train construction site workers, not following OSHA safety regulations, not conducting regular inspections, and failing to plan for adverse weather conditions may compromise construction site safety.  Take preventive action to keep your construction workers safe from construction site accidents such as scaffolding falls and related accidents.


Lack of safety equipment is another cause of injuries in scaffolding accidents.  It is imperative for employers to provide safety equipment such as hard hats, safety harnesses, fall arrest systems, and non-slip footwear to protect scaffolding workers from potentially dangerous work conditions.


Were You or a Loved One Injured at a Construction Site in New Jersey?


If you or a loved one was injured on the job at a construction site, contact our team of experienced injury lawyers at Clark Law Firm P.C. at 1-877-841-8855.  If you were involved in a scaffolding fall or accident, contact our Newark scaffolding fall injury lawyer via our online chat feature. Call the number above if you require a Spanish or Portuguese-speaking bilingual injury lawyer.