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New Jersey Law Journal’s Top “40 Under 40” List

In 2006, at only 34 years of age, Gerald Clark, Esq. was named to the New Jersey Law Journal’s prestigious “40 Under 40” list. The achievements chronicled in the Law Journal’s annual 40 Under 40 magazine are impressive. Not only have these lawyers distinguished themselves in their practice areas; they have also become denizens of New Jersey practice, weaving their careers into the fabric of their professional and residential communities.

The 40 lawyers chosen all have special attributes that shine out from the gray lines of a resume. The New Jersey Law Journal generally picks lawyers who have developed practice niches, demonstrated leadership potential by work in practice groups or committees and have a solid record of trial, appellate or transactional work. Charitable, community and other volunteer activities are also an important factor in making the list.

There are thousands of lawyers in New Jersey and the selection process is arduous. Since it takes time to build such a record of achievement, the lawyers chosen tend to be on the high end of the under­ 40 age bracket. That Gerald Clark made the list at only 34, is all the more impressive. He was recognized for his achievements in the areas of personal injury litigation, consumer class actions and community service projects.

Click here to read the actual 40 Under 40 article.

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