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Ocean Township Car Accident Lawyer Shares 10 Causes of Car Accidents in NJ

According to the New Jersey Highway Safety Annual Report, there were around 256,482 automobile accidents in New Jersey in 2021 and 648 of these resulted in fatalities in 2022. Around 18% of fatal automobile accidents were contributed to driving under the influence. If you have been injured in a car wreck in Monmouth County, call 1-877-841-8855 to speak to an Ocean Township car accident lawyer.


An Ocean Township Car Accident Lawyer Shares 10 Causes of Car Accidents in New Jersey


Distracted Drivers on the New Jersey Turnpike


Distracted drivers are one of the leading causes of car wrecks and accidents in NJ. Drivers in a big city like New Jersey are always in a rush to get somewhere and they’re also multi-tasking while driving. This means that they might be texting while driving or distracted while talking to their friend in the passenger seat or focusing on a crying baby in the backseat.


In addition, they may be fiddling with the radio or trying to eat lunch, or even putting on makeup while driving. All of these activities can cause a driver to become distracted and lose focus on the road resulting in a car accident.


Ocean Township Car Accident Lawyer

Drunk Driving and Driving Under the Influence in Monmouth County


The issue is most people who are intoxicated don’t really think they’re intoxicated because their judgment is impaired.  Unfortunately, accidents involving drunk drivers can lead to fatal car wrecks and accidents in Ocean Township, NJ.


When a Driver Has a Medical Emergency While Driving


There are also other times when a driver may experience a seizure or pass out while driving on the road or even experience a heart attack.  Sadly, all of these factors can lead to an accident.


Adverse Weather Conditions in New Jersey


If you live in New Jersey, then you know that the weather can be unpredictable. There are days when there can be severe rain and flooding. Furthermore, winter brings dangerous sleet, snow, and ice.  Foggy weather conditions can also contribute to car accidents in Ocean Township.  Poor visibility and slippery roads are the perfect formula for a car accident waiting to happen.


Reckless Driving May Lead to Car Wrecks in NJ


Reckless driving can be when a driver is swerving in and out of lanes or trying to cut in front of people without giving ample distance. Reckless driving can cause other drivers to not be able to stop in time and thus causing an accident. Keep an eye on drivers behind, in front, and beside you to safeguard yourself against reckless drivers.


Ignoring Traffic Signals and Laws in New Jersey


New Jersey has traffic laws for a reason; it is to keep traffic running smoothly and to make sure that pedestrians as well as drivers are kept safe. Nevertheless, reckless drivers ignore rules of the road way too often.


Faulty Brakes or Brake Failure


Faulty brakes or brake failure may lead to deadly car accidents.  It is important to be aware of any vehicle recalls for things such as faulty brakes.  If you think a malfunction in the braking system caused your car to crash, it is best to consult a NJ car accident injury lawyer.


Tire Blowout While Driving in Monmouth County


A tire blowout can cause a serious accident because the driver will lose control of their vehicle.  If this ever happens to you, remain calm and keep a firm grip on the steering wheel.  Instead of slamming on the breaks, allow your vehicle to slow down and try to find a safe spot to steer off into.


Road Construction and Potholes in Ocean Township NJ


Every major city has unfixed roads with potholes and road construction hazards. It is best to pay attention and anticipate any potholes or road hazards so you can avoid them.


Making a Wrong Judgement Call (Human Error in Driving)


Ever remember being at a stop sign and not sure if you should go or let the other person go?  Or maybe the other driver had the right of way, but they are waving at you to go first?  Many times, drivers can make the wrong judgment when driving.  They may be making a U-turn and inaccurately calculate how far oncoming traffic is or if they are merging into lanes, is there enough distance to safely merge?


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