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Ocean Township Construction Accident Lawyer Discusses How Negligence Leads to Injured Construction Workers

Ocean Township Construction Accident Lawyer

Everyone knows that a construction worker’s job is susceptible to dangerous working conditions. Even though a construction site has many inherent dangers, many times it is negligence that leads to construction site accidents and injured workers. If you feel that negligence on the part of the developer, general contractor, or subcontractor contributed to your injury, contact our Ocean Township construction accident lawyer at 1-877-841-8855 today.


Construction Site Factors That Contribute to Dangerous Working Conditions in New Jersey


Construction Site Equipment and Machinery:  equipment and machinery can malfunction and cause a labor worker to get injured.  To avoid this, regular inspections of construction site equipment are essential.


Construction Workers Need Protection from Hazardous Materials: Construction workers need proper PPE equipment to protect themselves from hazardous materials and from routine hazards at work. They should be supplied with hard hats, safety goggles, fall protection, coveralls, safety footwear, respirators, high visibility uniforms, gloves, and more.


Failure to Properly Train Construction Workers:  it is imperative to provide proper training to laborers and construction workers.  They should be clear on how to set up scaffolding, break it down, and many other safety precautions.  This includes how to properly operate heavy equipment. When team leaders and contractors slack off on training, the consequences can be devastating for construction site workers.


Exhausted or Overworked Construction Workers:  if a construction project in New Jersey is not on track to finish by a deadline and workers are having to work overtime or under pressure, it may lead to human error.  It is important that construction workers are given ample breaks, are not overworked, and have a place to go inside and cool off in the hot summer months.


What Are the Most Common Type of Construction Site Accidents in Monmouth County?


Slip, trip, and falls are common construction site accidents in Monmouth County and New Jersey.  Accidents can range from falling off a scaffolding or a job-made box.  Read our case study about a labor worker who fell off a job-made box because OSHA safety rules were not followed.


In another case we handled, a mason worker was injured when he fell off scaffolding onto excavation material such as dirt, clay, and rocks.  In this case, claims were brought against the project owner, the general contractor, and the excavation subcontractor and we were able to recover $400,000 for the injured worker.


Additional Causes of Construction Site Accidents in Ocean Township


Another factor that we have noticed is that some New Jersey contractors and developers try to cut corners on safety measures because they bid lower in order to get the job.  This practice jeopardizes the safety of hard-working labor workers who are just trying to make a living and support their families.


Even though Adverse weather conditions have nothing to do with negligence; they also contribute to construction job site accidents in New Jersey. Rain, ice, sleet, snow, and windy conditions can bring havoc to a construction site.


Were You Injured on a Job Site in Monmouth or Essex County?


Contact the savvy Ocean Township construction accident lawyers that at Clark Law Firm P.C. today at 1-877-841-8855. You can also chat with us online on our website to speak to an Ocean Township construction accident lawyer.