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Personal Injury and Accident Cases: FAQ

How May I Assist My NJ Accident Lawyers With My Case?

In every personal injury case, what happened is the beginning point. The facts that led to the incident, the actions of all the parties involved and the damages sustained are primary factors. However, your potential for recovery may well hinge upon how fully you cooperate with your NJ accident lawyers so that they may present your case in the manner most advantageous to you.

The following is a list of things that will help your lawyers with your claim:

  1. Most importantly, you should provide documentation of your medical bills, expenses and loss of income from employment. Further, maintain a record of such ongoing expenses associated with the injury.

  2. Be sure to communicate with your lawyers. Read all correspondence carefully and respond appropriately; return all phone calls or e-mails promptly.

  3. Always keep all appointments with any and all medical facilities associated with the injury.

  4. Notify your lawyers immediately of the change of status of any of the following:

    • Change of address

    • A different telephone number

    • Change of employment

    • A different marital status

    • Any change in your physical condition.
  5. Make sure your NJ accident lawyers have the complete list of witnesses who may have knowledge about your injuries or about the incident that caused them.

  6. Always answer any question posed by your lawyers truthfully and candidly.

  7. Sign all forms as required by your lawyers

Why Are There So Many Forms to Sign?

Understand that it is against the law, in most instances, to release information about a person to anyone without proper authorization and documentation. Your case will likely require information from doctors, hospitals, employers and any other number of entities. Each requires a separate form. Although you have retained counsel, you must provide proper authorization to each entity so that your lawyers may access your files.

Personal injury cases are often complex and confusing. The Clark Law Firm, PC, a team of NJ accident lawyers is here to help. You may call (877) 841-8855 for a free, no obligation consultation. Call today.

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