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Personal Injury Claim Checklist

Have you been injured at work or at home, and are wondering if you have a solid personal injury case?  Peruse the following checklist so you can prepare to consult a New Jersey accident law firm.

Medical Assistance

  • In order to substantiate the initial damage following your injury, record the names of any physicians or hospitals you have consulted and the dates of your visits.

  • Note any visits to orthopedic surgeons or chiropractors following your accident.

  • If your doctor(s) made any diagnoses, differentiate whether they were made based upon physical examination or medical history.


  • If the accident was someone else’s fault, you will need to establish liability of the other party in order to take advantage of their insurance or assets.

  • During your consultation with a New Jersey accident law firm, your attorney may want to know whether you have contacted your insurance carrier.

  • If you did not file a claim immediately following the accident, you may have difficulty receiving compensation from your insurance carrier.

Evidence of the Accident

  • Preserve all evidence of your accident.

  • If your injury was due to a machine or product, save the item to substantiate your claim.

  • Take pictures as soon as possible after the accident.

  • Include photos of the object that caused the injury, such as a staircase or an automobile, and be sure to document any damage to the object.

  • Bring all pictures to the consultation with your attorney.

Selecting an Attorney

  • You may want to be cautious about shopping around for legal aid, as an attorney may be wary of accepting your case if he finds out that you have consulted several attorneys without hiring them.

  • If previous lawyers have denied your case, it may be difficult to convince others to accept.

  • If you have trouble engaging an attorney, seek a referral from a personal injury lawyer’s respected clients; an attorney may be more inclined to provide legal aid with a client’s referral.    

Utilizing an Insurance Adjuster

  • You may be able to save time and effort by utilizing an insurance adjuster.

  • If you choose to use an insurance adjuster, be sure to provide your accident lawyer with his or her contact information.

Contact Us

After considering this checklist, you may be wondering whether a New Jersey accident law firm can help you to substantiate a personal injury claim.  Call the Clark Law Firm, PC today at (877) 841-8855 to begin finding the answers to your personal injury questions. 

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