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New Jersey Bicycle Accident Attorneys

Bike accident injuries can be severe, if not fatal. Our bicycle accident attorneys will review your case and give you the right advice, whether it’s a minor traffic accident or a more severe injury. Well versed in bicycle accident litigation, our bicycle accident lawsuit attorneys can give you advice on your legal rights and options. The Clark Law Firm, PC offers free case evaluations to discuss liability issues and how to receive compensation for your medical claims. We are experienced and effective personal injury lawyers. We are knowledgeable in the specialized area of accident litigation and can effectively represent you in your bike crash case. We have trial attorneys silenced to practice law in New Jersey and New York.

What Causes Bicycle Accidents?

Environmental factors such as impaired visibility and poor road and path conditions, including potholes, road debris, and maintenance problems can cause bicycle accidents and crashes. Negligent motorists often cause bike accidents by opening a car door into a cyclist’s path or not paying adequate attention while driving. Drunken driving is also a significant cause of bike crashes. When this happens, you need an experienced personal injury lawyers to represent you in your bicycle accident case. If you are asking, “I need a lawyer for my personal injury case” or “what lawyer can represent me in my bike crash personal injury case?”- contact the Clark Law Firm today.

It is the unfortunate truth that some motorists cause bicycle accidents by recklessly refusing to share the road, forcing cyclists off the road or into a collision. The University of North Carolina, in conjunction with the US Department of Transportation, analyzed the circumstances of the 750 bicycle accidents involving motor vehicles that occurred in 1999. They found that all of the bike accidents they studied were the result of six common scenarios:

  • Failing to yield the right-of-way at an intersection by motorist (21.7%) or bicyclist (16.8%);

  • Motorists unexpectedly turning or merging into the path of a cyclist, often making left turns in the path of an oncoming cyclist (12.1%);

  • Bicyclists, typically children, failing to yield the right-of-way at a mid-block location, often a residential driveway (11.7%);

  • Motorists overtaking bicyclists, often by misjudging the space needed to safely pass (8.6%); and

  • Bicyclists unexpectedly turning or merging into the path of a motorist, often making left turns into the path of an oncoming motorist (7.3%).

If you are searching for, “The right lawyer for my accident case” or “who are the good personal injury lawyers in my area?”- contact our personal injury lawyers today. If you would like to learn more about your bicycle accident, please contact an experienced personal injury attorney at the Clark Law Firm, PC. Our qualified and knowledgeable bicycle accident attorneys can evaluate your case to determine your right to obtain compensation for your injuries, damages, losses and suffering.

Lawyers for Bicycle Injuries

The unfortunate reality is that bicycle accidents tend to result in very serious injuries. This is because the bicyclist doesn’t have the level of protection necessary to withstand a collision with a motor vehicle. Even if the bicyclist is wearing a helmet and other protective gear, a permanent and life-changing injury is a possibility.
At the Clark Law Firm, PC, our bicycle accident attorneys provide the same serious legal representation to every bicycle accident victim we represent, regardless of the nature of the injury. Our experienced New Jersey personal injury lawyers have the ability to represent all injury victims, including people who have suffered:

  • Head injury
  • Back and neck injury
  • Loss of limb
  • Broken bones
  • Road burn
  • Facial injury

Compassion is a key aspect of our representation. We understand that an injury can turn a person’s life upside down. It can turn a family’s life upside down. Part of our role is to be there for our clients during this tough time, offering every bit of guidance we can provide. We encourage our clients to focus on recovery, and do everything we can to make certain they get the best medical care possible. Then we go to work to get them compensation to cover the costs of that medical care.

Our personal injury attorneys welcome the privilege of consulting with you about your bike accident claim.

Personal Injury Lawyers Will Work on Preserving Evidence after a Bicycle Accident

Contact the bicycle accident lawyers at the Clark Law Firm, PC immediately after an accident involving a bicycle and a motor vehicle. The driver of the car or truck will usually be at fault. Nevertheless, it is important to preserve evidence by:

  • taking photos,
  • documenting road conditions,
  • recording data concerning construction sites, and
  • obtaining detailed information regarding property damage.

Well-preserved evidence will help us ensure that the fullest compensation available in cases of serious injury or wrongful death.

Contact the Clark Law Firm, PC for a Free Consultation in Your Bike Crash Accident Case

If you or a loved one has suffered a bicycle accident in New Jersey that was caused by the negligence or carelessness of another party, you deserve compensation for your medical costs, lost income, and pain and suffering.

Please contact the Clark Law Firm, PC to talk with an experienced accident lawyer who will stand up for your rights. As one of the leading firms specializing in personal injury litigation in New Jersey, we help our clients obtain the compensation they need to face the future and rebuild their lives.

Obtaining just compensation in cases involving a bicycle accident in New Jersey requires a lawyer that specializes in accident cases. The insurance company for the liable party and their lawyers will fiercely resist a fair settlement. They will question the sequence of events leading to the accident. They will minimize the loss and grief you have suffered. To receive just compensation, and justice, you need an attorney who is not afraid to challenge the insurance company and its lawyers after your bicycle accident in New Jersey.

The Clark Law Firm, PC is known as a top personal injury law firm in New Jersey, we have the experience and knowledge needed to obtain the compensation you deserve. We understand the nature of catastrophic injuries, how accidents occur, and what it takes to convince a jury to hand down a verdict that delivers justice. In reality, it’s not an accident when someone chooses to violate a safety rule.

Contact the Clark Law Firm, PC for a free consultation at 877-841-8855.

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